In 2018, the Old Boys' Association of St. Joseph’s Boys' High School, fondly referred to as the ‘OBA’, completed 100 years of its existence. From a humble beginning in 1918, the OBA has grown into a mammoth organization with representation all over the world. Over the years, chapters have existed at places as varied as Rangoon, Kenya, Dar-es-Salaam, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Chennai. Currently, chapters are alive in the Middle East, North America, UK and closer home at Coorg, Goa, Kerala, Mangalore and North India.

Mighty Mighty Josephites

Abraham, Sunil

Aldrin, Anil

Anklesaria, Jimmy

Aranha, Gerard

Babu Khan, Basheeruddin

Baliga, Ragavendra R.

Banerjee, Dipankar

Bharat, Krishna

Bhatia, Sabeer

Castelino, Rohan

Chandran, Clarence

Chinapa, Nikhil

Chinnappa, Trishul

Corner, Robin

Da Costa, SJ, Fr. Hedwig

de Miranda, Mario

De Sousa, Walter

Dikshit, Sandeep

Dravid, Rahul

Fernandes, Paul

Fownes, Caspar

Fownes, Lawrence

Furtado, SJ, Fr. Simon

Gomes, Ben

Gowda, Rajeev

Habibulla, Hakimuddin

Hayde, Brigadier Desmond

Jansen, Patrick

Jerome, Jayakar

Kamath, Nandan

Kasi, Vijay

Khaleel, Fazal

Khanna, Tarun

KK, Raghava

Kurian, George

Kurian, Thomas

Kuttanna, Belliappa

Liang, Lawrence

Lobo, Neil

Lobo, Ryan

Maini, Chetan

Mani, Arvind

Martin, Gerard

Mascarenhas, Mark

Melwani, Ravi

Menon, Brigadier Venu

Miranda, Luis

Nambiar, Ajit

Nayak, Anand

Nayak, Ashok

Paes, Vece

Pai, Arun

Pillay, Joe

Poncha, Rehan

Punjabi, Vijay

Rajan, Clement

Ratnam, Maj. Sylvester Rajesh

Razak, Irfan

Rego, Lt. Col. Christopher

Sachdev, Subir

Santosh, CS

Sarpeshkar, Rahul

Sathe, R. D.

Shetty, Nitesh

Somesh, Sandeep

Sridhar, Anup

Stracey, Eric

Stracey, Patrick

Sunawala, Darius

Tarapore, Shavir

Uthappa, Robin

Vaidyanathan, Siddhartha

Vardhan, Venkat

Vedantam, Shankar

Vincent, Lloyd

Vishwanath, Ashwin

Vishwanath, Sadanand

Wilson, Eustace


Notice is hereby given that an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Old Boys’ Association will be held on Sunday, December 1, 2019 at 9:30 a.m. More+

OBA Lifetime Achievement Award – 2019 presented to Cecil Noronha
What started as a young handsome lad entering St. Anthony's Boys School in 1943 and had a long and rewarding career through St. Joseph's, culminated More+

OBA Lifetime Achievement Award – 2019 presented to Stan Thekaekara
Stan Thekackara, activist, thinker and social entrepreneur, has worked for over 40 years in the field of human rights and development. More+

OBA Lifetime Achievement Award – 2019 presented to Air Marshal Trevor Osman, PVSM, AVSM
There are old boys beyond number who have exemplified the Josephite spirit as they excelled in their chosen fields and did their alma mater proud. More+

OBA Award For Significant Achievement – 2019 presented to Dr. Anand Vinekar
To give somebody the gift of sight is a most noble act. To have prevented blindness in over 2500 premature infants and counting is thus exponentially more blessed. More+

OBA Award For Significant Achievement – 2019 presented to Rahul Tadimalla
Rahul Tadimalla, 'Toddy', as you are affectionately called, you are one of those blessed human beings who are remembered for the positive influences they have had on so many different More+

Visitors to the OBA Office

14 - 10 - 2019
Mukesh Sundaram (1971)
14 - 08 - 2019
Manet Paes (1965)
06 - 08 - 2019
Benedict Gomes (1985)

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