In 2008, the Old Boys' Association of St. Joseph’s Boys' High School, fondly referred to as the ‘OBA’, completed 90 years of its existence. From a humble beginning in 1918, the OBA has grown into a mammoth organization with representation all over the world. Over the years, chapters have existed at places as varied as Rangoon, Kenya, Dar-es-Salaam, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Chennai. Currently, chapters are alive at USA, Canada, Dubai and closer home at Kerala, Mangalore, Coorg and Goa.

Acclaimed Old Boys

Aldrin, Anil

Anklesaria, Jimmy

Babu Khan, Basheeruddin

Bharat, Krishna

Bhatia, Sabeer

Castelino, Rohan

Chandran, Clarence

Chinapa, Nikhil

Chinnappa, Trishul

Corner, Robin

de Miranda, Padma Bhushan Mario

Dikshit, Sandeep

Dravid, Rahul

Fernandes, Paul

Gomes, Ben

Gowda, Rajeev

Habibulla, Hakimuddin

Hayde, Brigadier Desmond

Jerome, Jayakar

Kamath, Nandan

Khaleel, Fazal

Khanna, Tarun

KK, Raghava

Liang, Lawrence

Lobo, Neil

Lobo, Ryan

Maini, Chetan

Martin, Gerard

Mascarenhas, Mark

Menon, Brigadier Venu

Miranda, Luis

Nambiar, Ajit

Nayak, Anand

Paes, Vece

Pai, Arun

Pillay, Joe

Poncha, Rehan

Ratnam, Maj. Sylvester Rajesh

Razak, Irfan

Rego, Lt. Col. Christopher

Sachdev, Subir

Sarpeshkar, Rahul

Sathe, R. D.

Shetty, Nitesh

Somesh, Sandeep

Sridhar, Anup

Stracey, Eric

Stracey, Patrick

Sunawala, Darius

Shavir Tarapore

Uthappa, Robin

Vaidyanathan, Siddhartha

Vardhan, Venkat

Vedantam, Shankar

Vishwanath, Sadanand

Wilson, Eustace

Inspiration of a lifetime
Old students fondly remember their favourite teacher, 95-year-old Alec Alvarez, who taught them at St Joseph’s Boys High School
School life at St Joseph’s Boys High School was typically reminiscent of wild pranks, homework, detention and our relationship with our teachers. While some inspired us, others brought out our mischievous side. More+

'SJBHS OBA CONNECT - Goa 2014' was held on August 2 and 3 at the Chalston Beach Resort, Calangute. The event was attended by over 30 Old Boys and their families from different parts of the country.
The programme for the evening of the 2nd commenced with Registration and was followed up with live music and dinner. More+

Dear Josephite,
The fifth edition of the Kerala OBA Connect was held on 24th of May 2014 at the Coconut Lagoon, Kumarakom.


SJBHS OBA CONNECT - Coorg 2013 was held on November 9, 2013 at the Bamboo Club, Pollibetta. The event was attended by as many as 55 Old Boys and their families, taking the attendance at the event to cross the 100 mark.
Registration for the event commenced at 5 p.m. and was followed by the AGM of the Coorg Chapter. More+

A Eulogy to Mr. Alec Alvarez
So here lies Mr. Alec Alvarez, suddenly quiet, all peaceful, leaving behind thousands who loved him, wondering why.
We were all looking forward to celebrating Sir Alec's hundredth Birthday later this year. Old boys and their OBA were making plans. The enthusiasm was palpable. After all he was the OBA's longest serving Secretary - for 17 years... More+

A Eulogy to Fr. Simon Furtado, SJ
16th of January this year was Tu B'Shevat the Jewish "New Year of the Trees" which falls on the 15th of Shevat of the Hebrew Calendar. The "Tu" is the hebrew equivalent of 15 namely ?? a combination of the hebrew letters tav and vav. It is the time when most fruit bearing trees in Israel are richly laden with its produce. More+

Subir Sachdev's OBA Lifetime Achievement Award
Subir Sachdev's OBA Lifetime Achievement Award acceptance speech (at the AGM on OBA Day, September 8, 2013).


Raghava KK's video, accepting the OBA Young Achiever of the Year Award - 2013
Raghava KK's video, accepting the OBA Young Achiever of the Year Award - 2013


An Appeal - SJBHS OBA reaches out
As the OBA fast approaches its 100th. year of existence in 2018, it is truly coming of age and this is being cast in stone. The School management has been gracious in having given us a real office space in the new Sports Complex. We have a front facing, 700 sq.ft. unit on the ground floor and its the first unit as one enters the building. More+

Hundred years of the Glorious Past BY MR. F. X. PAUL, M.A., L.T.
THE saga of "The Sun never sets on the British Empire", may very truly on tbe applied to the fame of our College which its alumni have carried to every nook and corner of the World ; and if there is a sceptic, let him persue the Annuals published, which are full of letters, messages, and reminiscences of Old students. More+

Fide Et Labore
Faith and Toil, ideals so rich, always our motto strong,Indelibly carved in our psyches, our pride to just belong.Dutifully obeyed our teachers who were the very best,Enriched with all they taught us, we've stood up to the test. Experiencing St. Joseph's and all that was our school, Thoroughly groomed us for the world, not bending any rule. More+

The 150 year old spirit must go on
Mix milk and plain white yoghurt, add salt and mix, leave in the refrigerator for 20 minutes, take it out and then mix again with a spoon and drink you'll get sleepy and will sleep... Don't worry! You are NOT reading a Recipe Book nor a Health Magazine, but this is what the subject 'History' used to do to me a couple of decades back. The sleep was so good that I hardly remember who taught me history More+

Interview with the super Josephite – Jimmy Anklesaria
Back in School, I kept hearing the name – 'Jimmy' I think he addressed us in one of the functions too, but I must confess, I never put the effort to know him, thinking – 'must be a big shot' or 'maybe a snob, who knows'. After 23yrs of leaving school and on joining the OBA Committee the name 'Jimmy' kept echoing again...and I kept looking at the board 'Anklesaria Block'. More+

Never the twain shall meet?
Nostalgia: Aditya Sondhi traces the Eton-Harrowesque parallel between St. Joseph’s Boys High School, Bangalore and Bishop Cotton Boys School
When I heard that Lt Col Chris Rego was researching a book on St. Joseph’s Boys High School, Bangalore, I was all ears. Having written a book on the alumni of Bishop Cotton Boys’ School, I could relate to the enormity and thrill of the effort, More+

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Visitors to OBA Office

01 - 08 - 2014
Leslie Roach (1973)
26 - 06 - 2014
Jim Zachariah (1983)
26 - 06 - 2014
Ajay Loganadan (1983) More+