Scrolls of Honour

Lifetime Achievement and Significant Achievement Awards

‘Honour is simply the morality of superior men’
~Henry Louis Mencken

With these Awards, the OBA aims to recognize our Old Boys & Girls who have brought honour, recognition and glory to their Alma Mater by their outstanding contributions in their area of work and beyond … impacting society at large and the Nation.

There is an established protocol where a sub-committee deliberates on the candidatures and the Awards are presented on OBA Day, at the AGM.


The OBA Managing Committee shall constitute a five member Awards Sub-Committee to select the recipients of the Awards.

Members of the Awards Sub Committee shall be:
Three Past Presidents by annual rotation and two members of the Managing Committee, namely, The Vice President and The Secretary.

The Awards Sub Committee shall invite nominations, resumes and letters of recommendation from all Old Boys simultaneously publishing the eligibility for nomination every year.

  1. The Nominations may be in free format with resume etc., containing enough information to enable the Awards Sub Committee to recognize the Old Boy for the Award, such as:
    • Name, Class, House, Batch
    • Proposer and Seconder
    • Bio-data or resume of achievements
    • Contribution to Society, School and / or the OBA
  2. A nomination made in a year shall be considered in that year only and shall not be considered in a subsequent year unless a fresh nomination is made.
  3. An Old Boy may make only two nominations for each Award per year.
  4. Nominations to be handed over at the OBA Office in a sealed envelope or sent via mail to on or before June 15 of the year. Nominations received after June 15 shall not be entertained.
  5. The Sub Committee shall select the Old Boys to be awarded by June 30.
  6. The decision of the Awards Sub Committee shall be final and not open to review.
  7. The Awards shall be given on OBA Day.
  8. Members of the Sub Committee may not propose or second any Old Boy for any Award, that is, they shall recuse themselves from the Sub Committee for that year if they are conflicted.

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