Year Summary
1540 Pope Paul III gives sanction for the formation of the Society of Jesus under Ignatius of Loyola
1542 Pope Paul III gives sanction for the formation of the Society of Jesus under Ignatius of Loyola
1540 Pope Paul III gives sanction for the formation of the Society of Jesus under Ignatius of Loyola
1542 Pope Paul III gives sanction for the formation of the Society of Jesus under Ignatius of Loyola
1662 Establishment of Missions Etrangeres de Paris (MEP) by Mgr. Pallu, Mgr. Lambert de La Motte and Ignace Cotolendi
1771 Establishment of MEP Seminary at Arikamedu near Pondicherry
1773 The Jesuits are suppressed by Pope Clement XIV
1776 Pope Louis VI entrusts Pondicherry Mission to the MEP
1776 Pope hands over Jesuit missions of Carnatic (including Bangalore) to MEP
1831 State Administration shifted from Mysore to Bangalore
1834 Residency set up at Bangalore
1841 Foundation of St. Patrick’s Church laid. Completed in 1844
1846 First Seminary set up at Bangalore by Bishop Charbonaux. It is later to become St. Joseph’s Seminary and then St. Joseph’s School
1851 Original St. Francis Xavier Church built on St. John’s Hill by Fr. Chevalier
1854 Good Shepherd Nuns arrive in Bangalore. Seminarians give up their house for them and move to St. John’s Hill adjoining St. Francis Xavier Church
1858 First European boarders arrive. Opening of the School. Fr. Clemot is the first head of the School
1859 Fr. Clemot transferred. Fr. Jean Coadou takes his place
1864 Original school building erected, Local government contributed Rs 4000
1865 New house built at St. John’s Hill at a cost of Rs 16,000
1865 Bishop Cotton School established by Rev. Samuel Pettigrew, Chaplain of St. Mark’s
1872 Two rooms built at the Mission at a cost of Rs 450, one later used as a classroom
1876 Separate building costing Rs 2,500 erected for accommodation for the Religious
1879 Jesuits arrive in Karnataka
1879 Baldwin School founded by Bishop William Fitzjames Oldham
1881 Rendition. All lands forming Civil and Military Station of Bangalore given to the British in exchange for the fort of Srirangapattinam. The Civil and Military station comes directly under the rule of Queen of England and Empress of India
1882 Fr. Vissac appointed Rector at age 34 and first Principal
1882 St. Joseph’s affiliated to the Madras University as a Second Grade College. The Seminary thus became St. Joseph’s College
1882 Intermediate classes started
1884 First Graduates in Arts – Fr. Mascarenhas and Mr. O’Sullivan
1892 Society of the Brothers of Immaculate Conception founded by Bishop Kleiner to help MEP Fathers
1894 Corner Stone of House for Brothers of Immaculate Conception laid
1894 Foundation Stone for College at Museum Road laid
1894 Fr. Froger and Fr. Schmitt, two of the youngest members of staff, proceed to England for higher studies
1895 First two Brothers of Immaculate Conception join the Staff
1895 The Sodality of Immaculate Conception for senior boys started by Fr. Blaise
1896 The Sodality of Sacred Heart of Jesus established by Fr. B. Cholet
1898 The College shifts to Museum Road
1898 Great plague in Bangalore, lasts until 1899. More than 3,000 died.
1901 Fr. Blaise convenes first meeting of O.B.A. It existed more on paper until 1919
1902 Fr. Vissac hands over mantle to Fr. Froger
1903 Fr. Froger takes over as Rector from 23 Oct
1904 Indian High School becomes separate entity
1905 Bangalore electrified with power from Cauvery
1908 ‘New Fields’ acquired. It is later used to house St. Joseph’s Indian High School
1908 Widdy’s tuck shop opens
1909 Intermediate Arts replaces the old First Arts. St. Joseph’s becomes a High School
1909 Scout Troop raised at Bangalore by Capt. Baker. It is the first in Asia and includes boys from St. Joseph’s College
1910 2nd Bangalore Scout Troop of St. Joseph’s raised on 12 Mar
1910 Literary and Debating Society started
1910 First School Annual
1910 Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel join the school
1911 O.B.A. reconstituted. President, Treasurer, Secretary & three Councillors elected
1911 Foundation stone laid for boarding, dining hall & dormitory. Dining Hall inaugurated
1912 First Meeting of O.B.A. Reconstituted held on 1912. Seven Old Boys present, O.B.A. Committee elected
1913 Demise of Fr. Vissac
1914 Fr. Schmitt’s commences as Rector
1915 Fr. Schmitt’s Rectorship ends in September, he had to flee to France, being of German origin. Fr.Froger returns as Principal
1915 The College Hall built, with the upper floor used as Small Dormitory
1915 2nd Lt. T.B. Lawrence awarded Military Cross for conspicuous gallantry on Sept 25th 1915
1916 Demise of Fr.Froger. Fr. Vanpeene takes over as Principal
1917 Indian Volunteer Force replaced by Indian Defence Force
1917 David Reuben becomes first Indian Civil Service (ICS)
1918 Boys between 12 and 16 years attached to 6th Bangalore, Coorg and Mysore Battalion
1919 Old Boys Association revived by Fr.Cyril Brown and Mr.W.J.Fernandez
1920 232 boarders and 203 day scholars make a total of 435 students – perhaps the largest European institution in India
1920 Indian Defence Force replaced by Indian Auxiliary Force
1921 School War Memorial unveiled on 21st November
1923 Scout Troop reconstituted on 21st July. Extension of Cricket Field bought from Bangalore Brewery for Rs 3,000/-
1923 Cinema Lantern installed in St.Joseph’s. First movie screened is ‘A Trip around the World’ in eight parts. Fr.Collart made the slides
1923 Intermediate classes, started in 1882, shifted to the top floor of Indian High School. Fr.Argaut appointed first Principal of Second Grade College
1923 Science Group opened for Junior Intermediate
1923 School and College become separate entities
1923 Foundation Stone for New College laid
1923 670 copies of Blue and White printed
1924 Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel leave School for Yercaud
1924 The time gun is fired for last time on 8 Feb 1924 and stopped thereafter because of retrenchment. It is fired a couple of minutes after the Kirk Clock struck 12
1925 College Building (Degree) built by Fr. Accoutier completed
1925 Bangalore War Memorial unveiled on 13th July. It has the names of fallen Josephites
1926 Cricket Pavilion inaugurated at New Fields
1926 St. Josephs becomes a first Grade college. B.A. Classes commence in July
1928 Rev. Fr. Prouvost introduces First lady teachers – May Andrews, Gerty Dias, Mona Pugh and Doris Perkins
1928 College Chapel roof changed from temporary tin sheet roof to tiled roof
1928 Rev. Fr. Henri Prouvost, Principal (1926-1931) instrumental in getting House system introduced for the first time – St.Georges, St. Andrews, St.Patricks & St.Davids. Names are that of patron saints of England, Scotland, Ireland & Wales.
1930 Three canons of Canons Regular of St Maurice’s Abbey from Switzerland arrive in anticipation of taking over St. Joseph’s from MEP
1930 H. Dorai qualifies as an ICS officer
1932 Ralph Stracey becomes the third Josephite to join the ICS
1932 Boys of fourth standard and below start wearing sailor suit uniforms
1934 House songs arranged by Mr.Davenport
1936 Swimming Pool inaugurated. It is the second in Bangalore
1936 First Blue and White Ball held on 5th September at Baccalas Summer Garden (Near Kaveri Emporium)
1937 Swimming included as part of regular curriculum
1937 Jesuits take over school from MEP
1937 Fr. Leo Proserpio is first Jesuit School Principal. He takes over from Fr.Collart. He leaves in December as Bishop of Calicut
1937 The Students Missionary League first introduced into School by Fr. Cortellini
1938 Old Boy Pat Sweeney selected to represent India in 100m and 200m at Western Asiatic Games at Palestine. Games cancelled due to political disturbances
1939 Demise of Fr. St. Germain at Bangalore
1940 Fr. Ghilardi forced to give up Principal’s post being an Italian. Hands over to Swiss Fr.Studerus
1942 Memorial Tablet erected in affectionate memory of Fr. St.Germain and Fathers of Paris Foreign Mission by Old Boys at entrance of School
1942 Knights of Blessed Sacrament introduced at St. Joseph’s by Fr.McDonnell
1943 First article in Urdu on Blue & White written by Mohammed Azmathullah Khan
1943 Fr.Studerus hands over mantle to Fr. E.J. Jacques, the first Indian Principal
1945 Demise of Bishop Proserpio
1947 Fr Ghilardi departs for Argentina
1948 Matron for small boys employed
1949 Hindi introduced into School
1950 Commerce Section of College started
1951 First OBA Christmas Dinner on 15 December
1952 David Reuben appointed Chief Justice of Patna High Court
1952 Fr. Jos A.B.Coelho transferred to Mangalore, Fr Biscaro takes over
1958 President Rajendra Prasad visits School for Centenary Celebrations on 15 August
1958 NCC Unit inaugurated in November
1958 Chapter of the OBA established at Kerala
1960 New block being created for infirmary near the kitchen
1963 ICSE introduced
1963 Demise of Fr. Leo Vanpeene
1965 Desmond Hayde awarded Maha Vir Chakra in Indo-Pak War
1965 Leadership Training Service (LTS) started in School by Fr.Wirth
1965 Parent Teacher Association started
1967 St. Joseph’s European High School becomes St. Joseph’s Boys’ High School
1968 Evening College Commences, bifurcation into Science and Humanities from Class IX
1969 Sodality changes its name to Christian Living Communities
1969 AISSC abolished
1972 Fr. Hedwig da Costa becomes Principal. He is the first Old Boy to do so
1972 Two Year PUC System introduced
1973 Fr. Hilario Fernandes is first Old Boy to become acting Rector
1974 ISC system of 11th Standard is abolished
1980 For the first time School Year commences in month of June
1983 Kannada offered as Second Language to boys entering in Std IV
1983 Strength of School reaches 1000 mark
1984 Kannada became the only regional language, i.e. second Language
1984 Mr.Joseph Andrade becomes first lay Vice Principal
1986 Computer classes start for the first time
1987 Boarding, a tradition as old as School, shut down on 10th April
1992 Demise of Bill Fernandez at age of 102
1993 OBA Inter House Debating Competition held for first time
1996 First batch is set up for SSLC examinations (later discontinued)
1998 Cyber Centre inaugurated
2001 Foundation Stone for new school laid on 5th April by Shri. S.M. Krishna, Chief Minister of Karnataka
2001 Entire West Wing of Old School demolished for reconstruction
2002 West Wing of School inaugurated by Mrs.Margaret Alva, M.P. on 01 August
2003 East Wing of School inaugurated by Sabeer Bhatia on 27th December
2004 Introduction of Standards I to IV
2005 ISC reintroduced for first time since 1974
2006 Administrative block of new building occupied
2006 Entire School Building inaugurated on 12th November by Rev. Fr. Peter Hans-Kolvenbach, General of Society of Jesus
2007 Girls are admitted to Classes XI and XII for the first time
2008 Sesquicentennial Celebrations of the School are held
2010 Chapters of the OBA established at Coorg and Goa
2011 Chapter of the OBA established at Dubai
2013 Chapter of the OBA established at Mangalore
2018 Centenary Celebrations of the OBA are held
2019 Chapter of the OBA established at North India