It is a matter of great pride for all Josephites’ that the OBA is widely acknowledged to be the trend setter and flag bearer by all our peer school alumni associations in Bengaluru!!

Our Annual activities calendar feature more than 30+ Events and are geared towards 3 main groups as per our charter.

As part of its objective, the OBA supports the following causes:

Towards the Students of the School:

  1. Academic Scholarships Read More (General & Loyola Scholars)
  2. Mid-Day Meals Read More
  3. Academic Prizes
  4. Sports Prizes (Josexcel) 
  5. OBA Buzz Read More
  6. Social Innovation Lab Read More
  7. Loyola Technology centre
  8. Breakfast for sports teams
  9. Career Counseling
  10. Career Guidance Read More
  11. BLS training (Basic life support skills)

    Towards the Staff of the School:

    1. Teachers Insurance Fund – Covers both Medical insurance Read More & Accident insurance for current and retired teachers
    2. Life skills & Support Talks for Teachers
    3. Teachers Appreciation Fund (for retiring/retired teachers end of service)

      Towards Old Boys:

      1. Lifetime Achievement Read More & Significant Achievement Awards Read More
      2. Sporting Events (Inter-batch)
      3. OBA Century Football tournament
      4. OBA Jimmy Anklesaria Cricket tournament
      5. OBA Cynthia Britto Basketball tournament
      6. OBA Boarders Hockey tournament
      7. OBA Xmas DinnerRead More
      8. OBA Blue & White BallRead More
      9. OBA Chief Guests for Events