School Song

The School Song – August 1912



Ring out the battle-call of Duty !

         Unfurl the flag of Faith and Toil !

We deem our soul’s eternal beauty

        A life-long victor’s worthy spoil.


                  A thousand such are proudly gone before us

                          To win and spread our School’s renown :

                 ‘Tis ours to swell with our voices the chorus,

                          And with our deeds enrich her crown.




                                    Faith and Toil ! Conquerless alliance,

                               Wherein we clasp human hands unto God’s.

                                    In His control find we true self-reliance :

                                       My hand and God’s-whate’er the odds-

                                        My hand and God’s-whate’er the odds-

                                             My hand and God’s

                                    Evil’s onset hold in defiance !


All hail ! Our own immortal College !-

         (For thought and love would death outlive ! )

New brothers thine to breed ; and knowledge,

        Our Alma Mater, thine to give.


                 We render thanks for thy love and thy teaching,

                          And hail all them who are thy voice.

                 We scorn the dream-life that sluggards are preaching,

                          And cling the Banner of thy choice.


                                    Chorus :- Faith and Toil, ! &c.


Apace draws on of separation

        For each and all the fated day :

But, far or near be set our station,

        Thy thought shall hold our hearts in sway.


                 Thy Cross shall shade us and call us and lead us ;

                          As now thy Bees shall teach us then :

                 And, fall the hills on our path to impede us,

                          Saint Joseph’s boys shall all be men !


                                    Chorus :- Faith and Toil, ! &c.


Words by Fr. Gavan-Duffy, Music composed by Fr. Gustave Leroy