62 years and how things have changed

David Vasnaik, Bangalore. Batch: 1951-1958, visited on 09/03/2020

Feeling fabulous to return to my old school where I have such fond memories.

Capt. Kabir Vasnaik, Australia. Batch: 1982-1989, visited on 09/03/2020

Came to school after 4 years with my three year son (Viren). Wonderful memories of my days in school that I’m trying to share with my son.

Karthik Umakanth, Bangalore. Batch: 1999, visited on 13/02/2020

Wonderful to visit SJBHS & revive memories of fruitful years of school life.

Brian Janes, Bangalore. Batch: 1958-1964, visited on 06/02/2020

I have heard such lovely stories of the Alumni Association of the SJBHS. Coming to the school and going through the archives, getting to know the various activities of the old boys has been a wonderful experience. I wish the old boys all the very best in making a difference to the school & the world.

Fr. Melwin Pinto, SJ, Bangalore, visited on 27/01/2020

Came to School after 4 decades. Wonderful memories of St. Josephs. A pleasure to be back. Thanks George.

Col. Kamal Maini, Bangalore. Bangalore. Batch: 1973, visited on 24/01/2020

School has changed for the better. Couldn’t be more proud.

Asad Ahmed Rafiq, Bangalore. Batch: 1997, visited on 17/01/2020

Wow! What a feeling to be visiting after 44 years! Here with my two daughters and wife, taking a walk down memory lane.

Janardhan Padmanabhan (Jerry), Ahmedabad. Batch: 1970-1976, visited on 13/01/2020

Wonderful experience coming back and to be welcomed again!

Oliver Edward John Pais, Australia. Batch: 1979-80, visited on 02/01/2020

Brought back many wonderful memories!!

Vinayak Kumar, USA. Batch: 1984, visited on 20/12/2019

Feels like yesterday!!

David Lobo/Sunil Lobo, USA. Batch: 1974. Visited on 08/11/2019

Visited on 14/10/2019

Mukesh Sundaram, USA. Batch: 1971.

A lovely feeling coming back to school and seeing the developments.

Manet Paes, Delhi. Batch: 1965. Visited on 14/08/2019

A wonderful class presentation and a Lot of memories. Many thanks for the experience.

Benedict Gomes. Batch: 1985. Visited on 06/08/2019

Visited on 11/07/2019

Roshan Alan Leyland, Dubai. Batch: 1999.