OBA Career Mentoring Programme

The Career Mentoring programme for Std. 11 and Std. 12 (ISC) students is designed to help ISC students narrow down on career options, beginning with areas of study and choice of courses and universities. Over 40 OBA mentors worldwide (as of 25 July, 2016) have volunteered. About 15 career areas have been defined and leads have being identified per area.

The Career Mentoring initiative was launched on 29 July, 2016 through one session each for Std. 11 and Std. 12. students. OBA mentors and students will form a community where members will communicate and collaborate within their choice of career groups. It is proposed to extend the Career Mentoring programme to include Std. 10 students during the September 2016 timeframe. Slack, which is an online collaborative tool, will be used for the group discussions. The OBA is constantly seeking to expand the community of mentors. Should you require more information or wish to volunteer, please contact Prathima Appaji (2006)at prathima.appaji@gmail.com