2019 Football Sports

SJBHS OBA Football Tournament 5.0 – 2019

The SJBHS OBA Football Tournament 5.0 was held on Saturday 14th December 2019. The tournament was a one day event.

The tournament was split into Pre90s House wise and the regular post 90s which was further subdivided into 3 tournaments for batches:1990-2000 (10 teams)2000-2010 (10 teams)2011-2019 (8 teams)

In total we had 32 teams that took part. We had the live draws on 7th December by calling for a captains meet in school.

The finals were held under flood lights with 1991, 2007, and 2018 emerging winners in their respective categories.

The Pre90s House wise was a new concept introduced this year where batches before 1990 played for their their respective houses and St. Georges house emerged winners.

This year we also had a go green initiative with zero plastic used.

The OBA would like to thank the sub committee comprising of:

  1. Arjun Unnikrishnan -89
  2. Arun D’souza-90
  3. Chris Cardoza- 92
  4. Conrad D’mello – 92
  5. Reo Raymond – 05
  6. Naren – 06
  7. Rehan – 07
  8. Kaushal- 09
  9. Dr Praveen-85
  10. Vikram Chugh-92