Christmas Dinner

OBA Christmas Dinner – 2017

The evening of Saturday, December 9, 2017 was cool, with a typical Bangalore winter feeling. The participation turned out to be the largest ever, with over 250 guests including many happy children.

The star of the evening was Old Boy Sanjay Xavier dressed as Santa Claus, rather busy chatting and singing along with the children, and handing out gifts. Nosa Goa was responsible for the Dinner, they served up an excellent meal with coastal flavours.

Mike Kerr and band provided foot stomping music that kept the audience on their toes till late into the night. The prizes for the Inter Batch Football Tournament were handed out to the winning teams by teachers Shivaprakash and Uday Kumar.

The Class of 1999 won the pre-2000 tournament with Class of 1992 in second place. The Class of 2012 won the post-2000 tournament with the Class of 2007 in second place.

The OBA thanks Josephites, families, guests and our respected teachers for participating in true Josephite spirit.A big thank you to the OBA Sub-committee for their dedicated support!