Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab, a SJBHS OBA initiative, is all about advancing critical thinking skills and social awareness so students can reach their potential in life while fulfilling their obligations to society.
Success in the program will be defined by how effectively students work together and engage in out-of-the-box thinking to solve pressing social problems.
Whether you’re a student, teacher, parent, old boy or old girl, you can play an importĀ­ant role in this initiative and we welcome your participation.

Students will work in teams to find solutions to social problems in a variety of areas including hunger, poverty, nutrition, sanitation, education, healthcare, energy, environment, and infrastructure.
Each team will be assigned an OBA mentor to guide them with their projects and teachers will be available to answer questions they might have.
Once projects are completed, they will be evaluated based on several criteria including creativity, teamwork, and originality.
One project from each Class/Section will be recognized each year as the Winner of the OBA Innovation Lab Contest.

The project needs support from the OBA to mentor students and review their project reports.

As a parent or teacher, you can motivate your child or student to participate in the program and to do their best.
Old boys and girls can help by becoming volunteers in the program and helping mentor students.
We all have a stake in making sure students turn out to be caring, responsible citizens and that they learn to give back.

Please step forward and volunteer for this important initiative. If you require more information on the Innovation Lab and would like to volunteer, please contact Vijay Nazareth (1978) at