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November 2019
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OBA Calendar of Events 2019-19
OBA Calendar – Sept 2019 to Jan 2019
Extraordinary General Meeting – Sun – Dec 1, 2019
OBA Inter-Batch Football Tournament 5.0 – Sat – Dec 14, 2019
OBA Christmas Dinner – Sat – Dec 14, 2019
Prestige SJBHS OBA Golf Tournament – Sat – Jan 25, 2019
Welcome to OBA – Jan 2019
SJBHS OBA Connect – North India 2019 – Feb 2019
Your New Managing Committee (2019 – 2020)
Ian Lewis (1990) – President
Dr Praveen Rodrigues (1985) – 1st Vice President
Rajeev Shenoy (1996) – Secretary
Rev Fr Sunil Fernandes, SJ (Principal, SJBHS) – Treasurer
Aditya Kaura (1991) – Joint Treasurer
Charles Raj (1983) – Member
Rebecca D’Silva (2016) – Member
Sameer Gurjer (1998) – Member
Sunil Rasquinha (1995) – Member
Vikram Chugh (1992) – Member
Vinay Jain (2015) – Member
George Ollapally (1968) – Past President
Upcoming Events
OBA Inter-Batch Football Tournament 5.0 – Sat, Dec 14, 2019
The OBA is pleased to invite you to participate in the OBA Inter-Batch Football Tournament 5.0 to be held on Saturday, December 14.

In addition, for the first time, the Inter-House format has been introduced for the Pre-90 batches. The tournament for the ’90 & later batches will be played in the regular Inter-Batch format. Individuals may also register to play for the OBA team.

Huge thanks to those who will be playing in the tournaments. Other Josephites are requested to actively cheer your batchmates. All of us have fond memories of our school grounds. Do come on over and relive the magic.
OBA Christmas Dinner – Sat, Dec 14, 2019
The annual OBA Christmas Dinner will be held at the Loyola Sports Complex in SJBHS. Old Boys, families and friends are invited to join the live band, sing carols and enjoy the dinner while Santa hands out gifts to children. The finals of the Football Tournament will be held simultaneously. Dinner tickets may be bought at the OBA office or online. Please look for further communications and do join us around the bonfire as the OBA ushers in the holiday season.
Welcome to OBA – Jan 2019
The annual Welcome to OBA event is held to introduce and induct the outgoing Std 10 and Std 12 students of SJBHS into the OBA. Students get a glimpse of the close ties between the OBA and School and the fellowship that exists in several OBA Chapters across the globe. The date of the event will be announced shortly.
SJBHS OBA CONNECT – North India 2019 – Feb 2019
Please mark your calendars for the second edition of the SJBHS OBA CONNECT – North India 2019 to be held in early February, in New Delhi.
Prestige SJBHS OBA Golf Tournament 5.0 – Jan 25, 2019
Please mark your calendars for the fifth Prestige SJBHS OBA Golf Tournament to be held at the 18-hole Prestige Golfshire course at the foothills of Nandi Hills near Bangalore on January 25, 2019. The first four editions have been highly successful, having brought together close to 100 golfing Josephites on each occasion. Josephites belonging to batches from the 1960s to current batches have participated. Non-golfing Old Boys are cordially invited to register and participate in the evening fellowship. Watch your mailboxes and mobile phones for more information.
Recently concluded Events
SJBHS OBA CONNECT – Dubai 2019 – Nov 15, 2019
The OBA Middle East Chapter hosted Josephites from the region and those who travelled from India. About 45 Josephites and family members participated. In a warm gesture, the Batch of 1994 invited their teachers – Mrs Vrinda Parigi (Geography) and Mrs Cheryl Robert (History) and Mr Francis, non-teaching staff member, to participate in the event. The OBA thanks the Josephites and staff members of SJBHS for traveling to the Connect, the Chapter Organizing Committee for conducting a memorable event and the Batch of 1994 for recognizing the contributions of our teaching and non-teaching staff members.
SJBHS OBA Connect – Coorg 2019 – Oct 5, 2019
The Coorg Chapter hosted the Connect at the picturesque Bamboo Club in Pollibetta. The Committee organized a Golf Tournament during the day, in which seven Old Boys participated. The OBA thanks the 34 Old Boys who attended the Connect with their families. They travelled from around Coorg as well as from Bangalore, Goa and Mangalore. The people of Coorg district had, over the past year, suffered in an unprecedented manner due to massive rains and flooding. Many families lost all they owned. The Coorg Chapter led a fund raising drive and collected Rs 1.2 lakhs that was handed over to three families to assist them in rehabilitation.

The OBA thanks Josephites for traveling to the Connect, and the Chapter Organizing Committee for hosting Josephites and also for initiating the fund raising drive to aid affected members of their community.
OBA Back to School – Aug 30, 2019
Back to School reunions are held on the Friday before OBA Day. Old Boys across several decades participate in the nostalgic event. Old Boys met at the Loyola Sports Complex and fondly reminisced about their days in school, while they exchanged stories about their lives thereafter.
Centenary Blue & White Ball – Aug 31, 2019
The Centenary Blue & White Ball was held at the JW Marriott Hotel Bengaluru. The OBA revived the formal Ball which had started in 1936, and had been transformed into the informal Blue & White Bash format for several years until this revival.

The event was attended by about 400 Josephites and their families, and consisted of games, quizzes and dancing. Guests had a wonderful time, and the music and dancing stopped only late in the night.
The OBA thanks Josephites and families for their enthusiastic participation.
OBA Day 2019 – Sept 1, 2019
The OBA Day celebrations began with the Holy Mass in the School Chapel at 7.15 AM. The wreath-laying ceremony at the War Memorial followed. It was a solemn tribute to the Old Boy martyrs who laid down their lives fighting in the great wars and the other wars that followed.

The School flag was unfurled and the School song was sung, followed by clicking of the group photograph and traditional breakfast at the refectory, consisting of sausages and eggs.
The AGM was held at the Xavier Auditorium. The Managing Committee 2019-19 was elected through a voting process. The OBA thanks the Election Officers who meticulously planned and flawlessly executed the voting and counting process. Josephites then enjoyed the Biryani at the Loyola Sports Complex.
Akhila K Jayaram ’13 (ISC)
Akhila K Jayaram is a physicist-in-training, pursuing her PhD at the University of Cambridge. Her research focuses on understanding the mechanisms behind neurodegenerative disorders, in particular Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and amylotrophic lateral sclerosis, with a focus on the misfolding proteins that cause them. She has also actively researched in various fields such as nanotoxicology, materials science and tissue engineering during her undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the University of Leeds and Cambridge respectively, with publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Outside of academia, Akhila has been passionate about youth empowerment, gender equality and policymaking. She was selected as one of the Empower Women Global Champions of Change 2016-17 by UN Women, and used this time to amplify stories of women through social media.

More recently, she was a Co-Director of the Shaping Horizons Summit and Action Programme at Cambridge, which aimed to bring together youth together with top policymakers and industry leaders from the UK and Latin America, with a view of promoting scientific innovation and fostering diplomatic relations.

She has also recently been appointed the Director of Polygeia, a UK-based youth-led global health think-tank, which aims to provide students the opportunity to directly influence health policy through projects commissioned by a number of governmental organisations, charities, non-profits and university academics.

Akhila fondly remembers her times at SJBHS (ISC 2011-2013, St George’s) as the two years that allowed her the freedom to develop as a well-rounded individual; she was actively involved in the quizzing circuit as well as the school choir. The motto ‘Fide et Labore’ still continues to influence everything she does, and she is also very grateful for the strong values instilled by her teachers at Joseph’s. She is currently involved with the alumni association as the President of the UK chapter and would love to connect with more Josephites to further build and enrich the community. She can be reached at
Sajju Jain ’92 (ICSE)
Imagine a medical emergency where you’re losing blood and donor blood isn’t available? Thousands of people die every year in this scenario, especially if they have a rare blood group. One solution, in situations when the blood has pooled within your body, is autologous transfusion. It’s the process of salvaging that blood and giving it back to you.

Electronic autologous blood recovery (ABR) systems that are currently used for this process cost from $10,000 (used machine) to as much as $25,000 (new machine). In addition, it uses $400 of consumables on each use and needs a special technician called a Profusionist to operate it.A company founded by women based in the US, Sisu Global Health has developed Hemafuse, a completely manual ABR system that costs less than $275 per use and can be operated by regular theatre staff. It is an innovation that meets global standards of medical devices safety (ISO-13485). They are supported by VC and angel investors including billionaire Steve Case (co-founder of AOL).

Sajju Jain (’92) is COO of Sisu (see-soo: Finnish word for perseverance). Based in Bangalore, he has helped bring this innovative device from prototype to production to market, raise funding as well as secure strategic partnerships with the largest Africa-based international NGO and Kenya’s largest medical device & pharmaceuticals distributor.

Sajju is a successful serial entrepreneur, mentor and board member who started his first business at age 18, assembling and selling computers from his garage. Since 2008, he has focused on for-profit social entrepreneurship.

Ventures he has helped build in their early days have grown to deliver large-scale global social impact. D.light has impacted 95+million people, Embrace has reached 300,000+ babies, and Chirag has illuminated over 400 villages. He is an alumnus of Harvard Business School and The University of Iowa but most proud of being a Josephite.
OBA Riders
The OBA congratulates the Riders group for successfully completing three years of adventure filled, safe and fun riding, in true Josephite spirit of building camaraderie across batches! Ride on, Josephites!
News from School
Josephites have continued to excel in extra-curricular tournaments and events, a hallmark of all-round development, encouraged by Fr Principal, Vice Principal, Administrators and Teachers.

The OBA congratulates staff and students and wishes them well in the months ahead!

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ObituariesThe OBA regrets the sad demise of the following Old Boys. May their souls rest in peace. Our deepest condolences to the bereaved families:
    • Codanda Madappa Ganapathy – September 5, 2019
    • Eugene Praveen Rasquinha (1996) – September 29, 2019
    • Nitin Jacob (1996) – October 28, 2019
    • Luis Menezes Braganza ’62 – August 16, 2018
    • Ashish Joy (2017) – November 21, 2019
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