The OBA Office

It was in the early 1980s that the OBA was very kindly allotted space to set up its office within the school premises, by the then Principal Fr. Denis Coelho. The OBA functioned from the same office which was situated next to the parlour, up to 2004 when the school was rebuilt. The office was shifted as many as three times within the new buildings before settling down amidst the current state-of-the-art premises of the Loyola Sports Complex. It is to Fr. Celestine Sera, Principal, that the OBA owes its gratitude for having very generously set aside this large room for the purpose of its office.

The foundation stone of the Loyola Sports Complex was laid in September 2012 with the Rector, Fr. Stany D’Souza blessing the ceremony. The OBA Office was formally inaugurated by Old Boy Rahul Dravid (Class of 1989) on the OBA Day of September 2013 and was blessed by the Principal, Fr. Clifford Sequeira.

The new wi-fi enabled office, which has emerged as a hub for camaraderie, networking and nostalgia, boasts of a lounge area, a display arena, staff workspace, Secretary’s cabin, a store-cum-pantry and a meeting area enhanced with overhead projection facilities.

As you walk into this glitzy new set-up, you are greeted by an electronic kiosk that is a veritable treasure trove of the digital versions of the school annuals. 97 irreplaceable annuals of nearly 15,000 pages have been preserved in this digital archive, including the very first School Annual that was published as far back as in 1910. The gizmo allows you to pinpoint the very page on which your examination results, your sporting triumphs, your Valedictory function, your favourite teacher or your best friends at school are mentioned, across the entire gamut of the archive.

Rajeev Shenoy (Class of 1996) was instrumental in digitizing the school annuals and building the kiosk. Arjun Nambisan (Class of 1989) was the architect of the futuristic office which was enabled by generous contributions from the following Old Boys:


Alistair Saldanha
Ajit Nambiar
Amitabha Kumar
Anil Malpani
Anthony Shieh Shin Ping
Arjun Nambisan
Colin Sequeira
Dalu Paul
Devikumar Acharya
Diwakar Rao
Eshwar Vengala
Fazal Ur Rahman
Gerard Saldanha
Jacob Kurian
Jimmy Anklesaria
Jojan George Jacob
Joseph Xavier
Kishore Subbiah
Krishnaswamy A G
Lloyd Lobo
M V Rajeev Gowda
Mahesh Srinivas
Nader Mirza
Narayanaswamy K
Narendra R Baliga
Nilesh Gandhi
Noel D’Sa
Paras Suri
Philip Mascarenhas
Prashant Rai
Priyesh Modi
Rajan Balasubramaniam
Rajesh Gupta
Ramanath K
Ramdas Nagarajan
Ramesh N L
Raza Abdulla
S Balagopal
Sanjay Malpani
Shashi Kiran Lewis
Sylvan Rego
Taraq Waheed
Venkatesh Srinivasan
Yeshwant Narrain

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