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OBA Calling

November 2018
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OBA Calendar – Nov 2018 to Jan 2019

JOSEXCEL – Celebration of Josephite Excellence in Sports – Sat, Nov 24, 2018
OBA Inter Batch Football Tournament – Sat-Sun – Nov 24-25, 2018
OBA Christmas Dinner – Sat, Dec 8, 2018
Welcome to OBA – Jan 2019
Prestige SJBHS OBA Golf Tournament – Fri, Jan 25, 2019

Your Managing Committee (2018 – 2019)

Antonio Justin (1997)
Brian D'Lima (1975) – Secretary
Dr C S Rajan (1969)
Rev Fr Clifford Sequeira SJ (Principal, SJBHS)
Francis Satish (1991) – Joint Secretary
George Ollapally (1968) – President
Greg D'Sa (1963)
Jaya Prabhu (1999)
Jyotinath Ganguly (1975) – Vice President 2

Kartik Muralidharan (1995)
Nandita Chandrashekar (2015)
Nishant Gurjer ( 1989) – Vice President 1
Rajeev Shenoy (1996)
Sameer Gurjer (1998)
Shashi Lewis (1990) – Past President
Siddharth Raja (1990)
Sunil Menon (1973)
Vikram Chugh (1992)
Vinay Kamath (1989)

Upcoming OBA Events
Josephite Sports Excellence Celebratory Lunch – JOSEXCEL – Sat, Nov 24, 2018

Recognizing the rich sporting tradition of SJBHS, the OBA honours sports persons who have represented school, state and country in sports and games. The annual felicitation – JOSEXCEL – is held towards the end of the first term. The OBA also awards students of Std 10 and thanks their families for their support. The award ceremony is followed by the Joseph Ollapally Memorial Lunch.

OBA Inter Batch Football Tournament – Sat-Sun, Nov 24-25, 2018

The 4 th Inter-Batch Football Tournament will be held over the weekend of Nov 24-25, 2018. This event has grown over the years, as Old Boys return to the field that they had loved so much. Please join your batch mates either as players and cheerleaders.

The tournament will be divided into three pools this year, up from the two pools format of previous years. The minimum number of players per team will be 5, and maximum 10. Team registration fees are Rs 3,000 for batches of 2010 (ICSE)/2012 (ISC), Rs 1,500 for batches after 2011 (ICSE)/2013 (ISC), and Rs 250 for individuals playing in the mixed OBA teams.

Online registration:

OBA Christmas Dinner – Sat, Dec 8, 2018

The annual OBA Christmas Dinner will be held in the Loyola Sports Complex in SJBHS. Old Boys, families and friends are invited to join the live band, sing carols and enjoy the dinner while Santa hands out gifts to children.

Prizes will be handed out to the winners of the 4th OBA Inter-Batch Football Tournament. Please do participate and cheer the wining batches.

Dinner tickets may be bought at the OBA office or online. Please look for further communications, and do join us around the bonfire and bring in the holiday season.

Welcome to OBA – Jan 2019

The annual Welcome to OBA event is held to introduce and induct the present Std 10 and Std 12 students into the OBA. Students get a glimpse of the close ties between the OBA and School, and the fellowship that exists in several OBA Chapters across the globe. The date of the event will be announced shortly.

Prestige SJBHS OBA Golf Tournament – Fri, Jan 25, 2019

Please mark your calendars for the fourth Prestige SJBHS OBA Golf Tournament to be held at the 18-hole Prestige Golfshire course at the foothills of Nandi Hills near Bangalore on Friday, Jan 25, 2019. The first three editions have been highly successful, having brought together close to 100 golfing Josephites on each occasion. Josephites belonging to batches from the 1960s to current batches have participated, and included acclaimed sports personalities. Non-golfing Old Boys are cordially invited to register and participate in the evening fellowship. Watch your mailboxes and mobile phones for more information.

Recently concluded OBA Events
OBA Centenary – Release of Coffee Table Book and Special Cover – Aug 31, 2018

The eagerly awaited Centenary Celebrations of the OBA began on Friday, August 31 in the Xavier Auditorium. Months of preparation by numerous volunteers and the Managing Committee of the OBA made the historic weekend possible. Hundreds of Old Boys travelled to Bangalore from Australia, South East Asia, Europe and North America, and from other parts of India. Old Boys started coming into Bangalore early that week. The OBA Office wore a festive look as connections were re-established, sometimes after several decades.

The Coffee Table Book aptly titled “A Hundred Years, A Million Memories” was a result of sustained dedication by a team led by Greg DeNazareth , comprising of Fr Adrian, Mrs Gowri Mirlay and a number of Old Boy content writers, photographers and the production team. The auditorium was filled to capacity with Old Boys across decades going back to the 1950s. The evening was rather nostalgic, beginning with a prayer and short addresses by Fr Principal Clifford Sequeira and George Ollapally, with Sagar Muthappa being the MC. Greg De Nazareth presented an overview of the book which guides readers through the history of our school and the OBA in the backdrop of the growth of Bengaluru over a span of 160 years. The book was released by Rahul Dravid (Batch of 1989), former Captain of the Indian Cricket Team and extraordinary role model renowned for his character, cricketing skills and captaincy – and for continuing to give back to the game and country as coach of the Under 19 cricket team.

A Special Postage Cover was designed to commemorate the OBA Centenary, in collaboration with the Department of Posts. The cover and packaging comprises of images of our school – past and present. The Special Cover was released by the Postmaster General, Karnataka. The OBA thanks the Department of Posts for their support.

The OBA acknowledges the tremendous efforts of Greg De Nazareth and team in conceptualizing, designing, developing the content and producing the historic OBA Centenary Coffee Table Book and the Special Cover.

OBA Centenary – Back to School – Aug 31, 2018

The OBA Centenary celebration continued with the Back to School reunions. Back to School reunions are held on the Friday before OBA Day. Old Boys across several decades participate in the nostalgic event. The Centenary gathering was larger than ever before. Old Boys met after years, perhaps decades, many having flown down from overseas for the weekend. Old Boys fondly reminisced about their days in school, while they exchanged stories about their lives thereafter. Oscar’s CD was released, and he sang a few numbers to get the evening going. Several Old Boys also pickup up the guitar and contributed to the evening’s music.

Fabian and his band struck up cheerful beats that kept the crowd on their feet all evening. The evening in fact stretched on well past midnight. A unique feature of the Centenary Celebrations was the Photo Booth which used Augmented Reality technology to simulate photos against a range of backdrops from the old school building and the present building. The OBA thanks Kushal and Ronald (2006) – young entrepreneurs – who set up the AR Photo Booth and introduced another means for Old Boys and Girls to further strengthen their bonds.

OBA Centenary – Sports – Sept 1, 2018

OBA Sports brought hundreds of Old Boys and Girls together. The organizing committee had put together an interesting schedule of events comprising of sprints for seniors and juniors (25 metres to 100 metres), relay races, spot jumps and tug of war. The day began with a March Past. The School Flag was unfurled by senior Old Boy Mike Rozalla (1956) who had travelled from Goa for the Centenary weekend. All the sports and games saw huge participation, with spirited camaraderie sometimes bordering on fiercely competitive. Participation exceeded all expectations. The sports concluded after 3 PM, again validating the observation that if there is one thing that Josephites love doing, it is to play on our good old sports field.

OBA Blue & White Bash – Sept 1, 2018

The tradition of the Josephite Saturday Blue & White Ball transformed into the Blue & White Bash several years ago. This tradition has continued, with the event being held at the Catholic Club on Saturday evening. The OBA Centenary B&W Bash turned out to be bigger than ever. Goa’s leading band A26 kept old and young Old Boys and Girls and their guests on their toes throughout the evening. Guests had a wonderful time, with the music and dancing stopping only by midnight.

OBA Centenary – OBA Day 2018 – Sept 2, 2018

The OBA Day Centenary celebrations began with the Holy Mass in the School Chapel at 8.30 AM. The attendance was large, both at the Holy Mass and the wreath laying ceremony that followed, a solemn tribute to Old Boy martyrs who laid down their lives fighting in the great wars and the other wars that followed. The WW memorial in School is one of the few in Bangalore, a unique historical landmark. It was an honour that eminent Old Boys who served with distinction in our defence forces – Air Marshal Trevor Osman ‘56, Maj Generals George Lasrado ‘58, Anil Dere ’74 and M N Devaya ’78 – were present that morning.

Old Boys assembled on the ground in front of the Loyola Sports Complex where the School flag was unfurled and the School song was sung loudly. Fr Furtado was remembered fondly by senior Old Boys before singing the school song. Traditional breakfast followed – sausages, eggs, bread, bananas and coffee. The attendance – happily – was large, much larger than expected. This situation made the committee scramble and make arrangements for additional food at very short notice. It was indeed a pleasure to have about 6oo Old Boys during the morning of the OBA Day celebration.

Photographs were taken in several groups, after which the Hundredth Annual General Meeting of the OBA was held. The OBA Centenary Year being a unique landmark, the Managing Committee was requested to continue for another year, while those who had filed nominations for this year were also included into the Committee.

OBA Centenary Dinner – Sept 2, 2018

The grand finale of the OBA Centenary celebration was a high energy dinner event. The weekend had brought Old Boys and their families from all over the world and from several parts of India back to school. Entertainment consisted of an absorbing Kalaripayattu martial arts duel, a variety of colourful dance performances and relaxing music by a Jazz band. The winners of the OBA Lifetime Achievement Awards for 2018 – George Kurian and Thomas Kurian, twins from the Batch of 1983 – were unable to attend due to prior commitments, so they accepted the awards through a video address in which they fondly recalled their school days and the teachers who had taught them. The OBA Significant Achievement Awards were awarded to Paul Fernandes '74 (Fine Art) and to Anup Kattukaran '98 and Atul Kattukaran '03 (Photography, Cinematography).

The OBA Centenary Dinner had a very successful auction of memorabilia that had enthusiastic Josephites bidding for Paul Fernandes’ art works and Rahul Dravid’s autographed gloves and cricket bat, which raised about Rs 6.45 lakhs. The OBA is extremely grateful to Josephites for their continued support by way of time, talent and donations that allows the OBA to ‘give back’ to school. Another highlight of the evening was the distribution of prizes to the winners of the OBA Sports and Games.

No amount of words would be adequate to convey sincere thanks to Josephites and their families for travelling from around India and the world. Special thanks to Josephites who donated generously through the Donor passes for the Centenary dinner. A large number of volunteers supported the Managing Committee members over the year to make the OBA Centenary happen. A big thank you to all!

OBA Centenary in the Media – Aug-Sept 2018

SJBHS OBA Connect – Goa 2018 – Oct 6-7, 2018

The Goa Chapter of the OBA hosted Josephites and their families over a weekend of warm hospitality. The post Monsoon season brings in comfortable weather, ideal for a few days of sunshine and coastal flavours. While Saturday evening was the warm up which stretched on to Sunday, the Chapter meeting later on Sunday morning was followed by a loud rendition of the School song, a rocking one- man band and typical sumptuous, multi-course Goan lunch. The OBA thanks the Goa Chapter for hosting Josephites and their families, and also thanks those who travelled to the reunion.

SJBHS OBA Connect – Middle East 2018 – Nov 2-4, 2018

The OBA Middle East Chapter hosted Josephites and their families in Dubai during the first week of November. The reunion was enjoyable and included sightseeing and outdoor activities. The highlight was the participation of our teachers Mrs Virginia Mariappa, nee Mullen and Mrs Tarini Wilson, nee Dinakar. The OBA thanks the Middle East Chapter and Josephites and families for travelling to our ‘International’ Connect.

Featured Old Boys
Reflections by Mukund Narayanamurti ‘96

It was a great privilege to attend St. Joseph’s Boys’ High School. I will forever cherish the education, the friendships gained, and values the institution imparted. My fondest memories are of participating in inter-school cricket matches and inter-school senior relays. In addition to the winning feeling of lifting multiple Cottonian shields and winning the inter-school senior relay in six schools, the team spirit, commitment and camaraderie amongst members of the team are what I reminisce most about.

I also met my dearest lifelong friends at St. Joseph’s. Friends who even today I would recognise as my best friends. Josephites are loyal and committed to each other. We are bound by common values, we are egalitarian, and have a purpose that is greater than self.

As I’ve built a life over the last 20 years in Australia and the U.S., I have reflected on the value of a values-based public-school system. Most of the best schools in Australia are private schools, affordable to only the wealthiest segment of society. We never had to make those society dividing choices in Bangalore as schools like St. Joseph’s, as the best schools, admitted students from a diverse group of ethnic, religious and socio-economic backgrounds teaching us from a young age the value of tolerance, multiculturalism and assimilation. As we live in increasingly divided societies globally, the value of my St. Joseph’s experience continues to grow.

There was also a lot of fun, of the purest kind, that I fear can never be replicated at any other stage in life. I will forever cherish the memories of the fearlessness of being a renegade, being sent to detention often for fun so I could spend even more time with my favourite rascals, and of enjoying burgers and samosas at the school canteen. I forever remain grateful to St. Joseph’s for setting me up for a life of meaning.

Editor’s note:
Mukund Narayanamurti is CEO, Asialink Business, Australia. He leads the organisation’s mandate from the Australian Federal Government, Myer Foundation and University of Melbourne to create an Asia capable workforce. Mukund received his MBA from the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is a Chartered Accountant and has also completed a Masters of International Tax from the University of Melbourne and a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) from Deakin University. He was awarded Deakin University’s “Alumni of the Year” award in 2011 and an Australian Leadership Award from the Australian Davos Connection in 2012.

Anup Krishnamurthy ‘00

Anup Krishnamurthy is a product of St. Joseph’s Boys’ High School. In school, he was elected Captain of St. David’s House, and won the General Proficiency Prize in his graduating year. After a degree in mechanical engineering, Anup gained a doctorate in management from the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIM Bangalore). Specializing in marketing, his research has been published in reputed international journals such as Journal of Services Marketing, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, Management International Review, European Management Review and the Journal of Customer Behavior.

Anup’s doctoral thesis, titled ‘Exploring Consumer Satisfaction and Loyalty’, was selected from among marketing theses of doctorates from reputed business schools across India and was judged the best marketing thesis in India for the year 2016-17, by the Scientific Committee for the Best Thesis Award of the International Marketing Trends Congress and ESCP Europe. This award recognized his doctoral work “for its outstanding contribution to research in marketing.”

He has also presented his work at conferences conducted by Yale University, affiliates of the Academy of Management (USA), the International Marketing Trends Congress (Europe), the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science and others in India, USA, Spain, and China. Some of this research has been sponsored by top business schools like the Yale School of Management and IIM Bangalore. Anup also contributes back to the academic community through his extensive voluntary review work. In recognition of this effort, he was awarded the Outstanding Reviewer award at the Midwest Academy of Management USA 2016 and at the Emerald Literati Network 2014 Awards for Excellence.

Anup is currently Assistant Professor of Marketing and Co-Chair of the Center for Business Research at St. Joseph’s Institute of Management (SJIM), the premier business school of the St. Joseph’s institutions in Bangalore. Apart from his research and teaching, Anup’s work at SJIM includes organizing international collaborations with other Jesuit business schools across the world; shaping Management Development Programs that inculcate management and research principles in students, faculty and industry personnel; and coordinating student and research projects with faculty from other top business schools like the Kellogg School of Management.

OBA Riders

The OBA congratulates the Riders for having completed two years of fun and safe riding!

News from School
OBA Career Day Series – 2018

The OBA is conducting the Career Day series to guide senior students about education and career directions. Dr Kartik Chandran ’89 (Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY, USA) spoke about Biology, Microbiology and Biotech. Other speakers in the series include Dr C S Rajan ’68, Jyotinath Ganguly ’75, Siddharth Raja '90 and Dr Anup Krishnamurthy ‘00 – covering Healthcare, Law, Emerging Areas, Finance and Management. The OBA thanks Fr Principal, Vice Principal and teachers for providing the OBA the opportunity to address students.

Congratulations – 2018 Football Double!

School football teams, coached by Deena and Karuna, won the 'Double’ – both Juniors and Seniors Baldwin’s Trophy this year, for the second year in succession – beating Baldwins 4-0 in the Junior final and Bishop Cottons 1-0 in the Senior finals, played at the Bangalore Military School grounds on Oct 27. Hearty congratulations to both teams, coaches, parents, Vice Principal and Fr Principal. The OBA felicitated the winners by treating them to a Biryani and Sweets lunch in the old Small Dorm hall, sponsored by Siddharth Raja ’90 and David DaCosta ‘66.

Congratulations – Hockey winners!

Our school participated in the Vidyashilp Academy Inter School Hockey Tournament 2018 and won! The finals were held on November 16. OBA congratulates the team, coaches, parents, Vice Principal and Fr Principal for this commendable achievement.

The Football and Hockey teams will be felicitated during JOSEXCEL.

Phenomenon 2018 (Oct 26 – 27, 2018) SJBHS MUN 2018 (Nov 2 – 4, 2018)

Phenomenon 2018 lived up to the reputation as the Inter School Fest of choice in Bengaluru. Students demonstrated their well-rounded capabilities yet again by planning and executing a superb cultural festival. Diverse talents were on display as thousands of students from schools thronged the school premises during the festival that ended with music from the reputed International DJ Quantico.

SJBHS Model United Nations (MUN) now in its sixth year has grown over the years. About 400 delegates from 20 schools and colleges participated in this edition. While this was an effective test of organizational skills, the level of participation was extremely impressive, as well. Students from Std 7 debated in the same committees with their seniors from Std 12. SJBHS MUN has a bright future, indeed!


We regret the sad demise of Old Boys. May their souls rest in peace. Our deepest condolences to the bereaved families.
    • Chetan Shetty '87 - November 4, 2018
    • Krishna Prasad '13 - October 20, 2018
    • John Tharakan '68 - September 19, 2018
    • Clifford Saldanha '70 - September 13, 2018
    • Luis Menezes Braganza '62 - August 16, 2018
    • Vidyut Sinjhi '61 - July 2018

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Photographs from recently concluded OBA events

OBA Centenary – Release of Coffee Table Book and Special Cover (Aug 31, 2018)

OBA Centenary – Back to School (Aug 31, 2018)

OBA Centenary – Sports (Sept 1, 2018)

OBA Centenary – OBA Day 2018 (Sept 2, 2018)

OBA Centenary – Centenary Dinner (Sept 2, 2018)

SJBHS OBA Connect – Goa 2018 (Oct 6-7, 2018)

SJBHS OBA Connect – Middle East 2018 (Nov 2-4, 2018)

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OBA Calendar of Events – 2018-19

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