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May 2020
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OBA Event Calendar (June – August 2020)

SJBHS OBA Connect – North America 2020 (West Coast) – June 22-23 (Sat-Sun)
OBA Tri-Series Tournament 2.0 – Badminton, Snooker, Squash (at Catholic Club) – July
SJBHS OBA Connect – Goa 2020 – Aug 3-4 (Sat-Sun)
OBA Buzz – Aug 10 (Sat) & Aug 17-23 (Sat-Fri)
OBA Back To School – Aug 30 (Fri)
OBA Blue & White Bash (at Catholic Club) – Aug 31 (Sat)

Upcoming OBA events
SJBHS OBA Connect – North America 2020 (West Coast) – June 22-23 (Sat-Sun)

The first West Coast reunion in North America will be held on June 22-23 in the San Francisco Bay Area, at the Bombay Garden, Newark, CA. This reunion will be yet another milestone in the growth of the OBA. Thank you, NA Chapter! Please contact Subbu, Girish Satya and Navin Pothan for registration.

OBA Tri-Series Tournament 2.0 – Badminton, Snooker, Squash – July 2020

Mark your calendars for the 2 nd edition of the OBA Tri-Series Tournament (Badminton, Snooker, Squash) to be conducted in July at the Catholic Club. Tournament details will be announced shortly!

SJBHA OBA Connect – Goa 2020

The 2020 edition of the OBA Connect in Goa will be held on August 3-4: dinner and entertainment on Aug 3; OBA Goa Chapter meeting, lunch and entertainment on Aug 4. Details will be shared soon!

OBA Buzz 2020 – Aug 10 (Sat) & 17-23 (Sat-Fri)

The OBA Buzz cultural competition in school is designed to encourage the development of diverse skills. The competition has grown to almost 20 events for Std 7 to 12 - dramatics, elocution, music, photography and others. The OBA Buzz sub- committee guides students. Students plan and execute the event. As a result, the competition also results in the development of leadership and operational skills.

OBA Day Weekend 2020
OBA Back to School – Aug 30 (Fri) & OBA Blue & White Bash – Aug 31 (Sat)

The OBA year 2020-20 will conclude in August-September with traditional events.

  • OBA Back to School reunion at the Loyola Sports Complex on August 30 (Friday). While some batches celebrate major milestones, all batches are cordially invited.
  • The annual OBA Blue & White Bash at the Catholic Club on August 31 (Saturday).
  • OBA Day celebration on September 1 (Sunday) with Holy Mass, Laying the wreath at the War memorial, Breakfast, Hockey tournament, AGM and Lunch.
Recently concluded OBA Events (March – May 2020)
Memorial Service for Old Boys who made the supreme sacrifice – May 25

The OBA paid homage to four Josephite post-independence martyrs who laid down their lives while protecting our country between the 1960s and 1980s. A formal, poignant ceremony was held, comprising of a prayer service at the Chapel, laying wreaths at the War Memorial which dates back to World War 1, and a presentation of citations and mementoes to family members and regiment officers.

Capt John A Dalby, 5 th Field Regiment (Nov 18, 1962 – Jaswanth Garh, Arunachal Pradesh)

Maj P Atul Deviah, 6 th Maratha Light Infantry (Feb 14, 1987 - Siachen Glacier, J&K)

Maj Uday Shankar Ghosh, 13 Sikh Light Infantry (June 26, 1989 – Sri Lanka)

May Sylvester R Ratnam, 21 JAT (Aug 2, 2002 – Kupwara, J&K)

The Memorial Service was celebrated by the Archbishop of Bengaluru, among other dignitaries. A slow march began the ceremony to lay wreaths at the century old War Memorial, with the MEG Pipe Band playing Abide With Me and the Last Post. Family members, officers from the regiments and Old Boys and batch mates paid tributes in a moving citation ceremony.

SJBHS OBA Connect – Kerala 2020 – May 11-12

The tenth OBA Kerala Connect was held on May 11-12 at Coconut Lagoon, Kumarakom, attended by 46 Josephites, many of them with families, making this the best attended Connect! The positive response from Josephites has been the only reason for the success of this event since 2010.

Our thanks go out to all visiting Josephites including Nikhil from Hyderabad, Lloyd from Goa, Frankie and the OBA Riders, and all from Bangalore. George and Nishant highlighted the activities of the OBA: the first SJBHS OBA Connect – Delhi 2020, and the upcoming Memorial Service for martyred Josephites to be held in Bangalore.

Lloyd invited Josephites and families to the SJBHS OBA Connect – Goa 2020 reunion scheduled for the August 3-4, details of which will be announced shortly.

Family members shared their experiences with the Kerala connect over the years. The music, dinner and dancing continued into a fun-filled night filled with nostalgia and camaraderie. Josephites and families enjoyed houseboat trips the next morning.
Congratulations to the Kerala Chapter for hosting Josephites without a break, since 2010!

Saleh Ahmed OBA Inter Batch Rink Hockey Tournament – March 31

The third edition of the Saleh Ahmed OBA Inter Batch Rink Hockey Tournament was a tremendous success, with high standards from players across three decades.

Players included past internationals Anil Aldrin and Sandeep Somesh, as well as some of the youngest batches – 2017 and 2020. Michael Bakes from the Batch of 1975 was the senor most player.

Batch registrations spanned 32 years while players spanned 44 years, a testimony to Josephite spirit: 1987, 1991, 1992, 1995, 1997, 2003, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2017, 2020, OBA mixed team.
Congratulations: 2004 (1st), 2008 (2nd)!
The OBA acknowledges support from Hockey Karnataka. Our grateful thanks to Rev Fr Clifford Sequeira for handing out the prizes.
The OBA thanks Nadeem (Batch of 1971) for continued sponsorship of the Inter Batch Hockey Tournament. Thanks to the sub-committee for conducting a smooth and fun-filled tournament.

Feast of St Joseph & Jimmy Anklesaria OBA Inter Batch Super Sixes Cricket Tournament – March 16-17

The Feast of St Joseph was celebrated on Sunday, March 17 to convey our gratitude to our patron Saint, school, Principals and Teachers who have guided and shaped us, and continue to inspire us to give back to fellow Josephites.

The second edition of the Jimmy Anklesaria OBA Inter Batch Super Sixes Cricket Tournament was conducted over the weekend. The OBA thanks the players and supporters for participating in increased numbers this year.

Batches which registered spanned 30 years, while players spanned 42 years:
Pre-2000: 1987, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997, 1998, 1999
Post-2000: 2003, 2008, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017
OBA teams: OBA Blue, OBA White (including Brian, Michael and Prakash from 1975!).
Congratulations to the winners: Pre-2000: 1995; Post-2000: 2015!

Sadanand Vishwanath, former India Test player inaugurated the tournament. Mr Shivaprakash and Mr Jeff DeLemos (Oldest Old Boy, 1956) handed out the prizes. The OBA thanks players for enthusiastic participation, the sub-committee for meticulous planning, school staff for working tirelessly to prepare the grounds. Huge thanks to Josephites for being vociferous spectators and cheer leaders!

Old Boys in the Spotlight – continuing our tribute to Josephites in uniform
Air Marshal Trevor R J Osman, AVSM, PVSM (Retd) – Batch of 1955

Air Marshal Trevor Osman graduated from the NDA in 1959. He was commissioned as an Air Force fighter pilot in Dec 1960. Posted to the North East, he took part in the conflicts of 1962 and 1965. In 1963 he was sent to the Pilot Attack Instructor course where he was awarded the coveted Noronha Trophy for the best in the course. In 1966, he was selected to serve as the ADC to the President of India, Dr S Radhakrishnan and continued with Dr Zakir Husain until 1968. He flew eight types of aircraft and participated in the Western sector during the 1971 ops, commanding a front line Sukhoi 7 squadron and the unique Foxbat Squadron.

An alumnus of the Royal Air Force Staff College at Bracknell, UK, Trevor served as Air Advisor, Chief of Air Staff, Project Manager in the Ministry of Defence. He was promoted to Vice Chief of Air Staff before his retirement in 1997. Thereafter, Air Marshal Osman joined the Confederation of Indian Industry as an Executive Director and Senior Advisor. He continued to work as a Senior Assessor for the CII Business Excellence Endeavour until he retired once again in 2006. In Trevor’s own words:

School for me started in 1943 at St. Anthony's on Convent Road. In 1946 my father, an army officer, was posted to the Staff College at Abbotabad for a year. So, he took his family of three (my mother, younger brother and me) with him. There we were largely insulated from the turmoil of partition, though we did go through some harrowing experiences on the train back. Dad was re-posted to Bangalore and this time he decided Bishop Cottons was the school for us so my classes began at Bishop's Girls; my all-too-brief exposure to co-ed schools. From the second standard onward, I graduated to the Boys' School and there was plenty of sports and lots of extracurricular activity like dramatics, music, gym, swimming, camping, athletics and boxing. A little short on academics, or so my mother felt. I was shifted to St. Joseph's to give me a strong

dose of Jesuit intellectualism. I found myself in Std 4 under the watchful eye of Miss Gertrude Dias who I made the mistake of addressing as "Miss" instead of "Teacher", but I learned fast! Father Jacques was earnestly requested to keep me off the play fields and in the classroom. But St. Joseph's was no different from Bishop Cottons where sport and extracurricular activity were concerned. So, it was back to the same old seasonal routine of hockey, cricket, football, athletics, swimming, boy scouts, plays, debates, choral singing and playground fun - marbles, pea shooting, hand and leg cricket, rounders, seven tiles, gilli danda, kite flying, catapulting, eating (both inside and outside the classroom) thanks to Widdies and the other vendors at the back gate for 'jiggs', polly mangoes and sugar cane.

Of course, the good life was interspersed with hardship like homework, weekly tests, exams and retreats; but the downs always accentuated the ups. Our time in the classroom was always spent with the highest standard of education being thrust down our throats by dedicated and committed teachers. English with Yates was an absolute pleasure, while math with Smiler (Percy D'Silva) with his double clacking rulers and his two trains "doing everything that two trains could do" stood me in good stead. Yes, one of the questions in the UPSC math exam had a two-trains sum which I demolished, while silently thanking Smiler.

Bisky (Father Biscaro), the outdooorsman who led the boy scout troop and never hesitated to pull his cassock up and join in the football, best remembered for his fire and brimstone sermons delivered in the school chapel. Dick (Richard Pereira), cool and collected until some student, despite all Dick's effort, just couldn't crack a math problem.

Finally, I have to mention the gentle Alvi (Alec Alvarez). We loved his domain which was the lab. I fondly remember the popular chemistry practicals where we could manipulate the apparatus, boil, burn and roast chemicals to produce great effects, all under the watchful and benign supervision of a great teacher. St. Joseph's had no boxing, so the ground next to the lab was designated arena for settling disputes and establishing pecking orders. Alvi observed all this from the lab windows but never interfered.

Two years after I left school, in my third term in the NDA, I suddenly realised that I had made a serious mistake in not opting for Add Math in school. During my six-week term break, I went back to Alvi with a request for help. Those six weeks were spent with Alvi in his lab, number crunching, imbibing the secrets of calculus, co-ordinate geometry, statistics and dynamics; all that an aspiring fighter pilot needed to make a success of his career. Thank you very much, Alvi!

I had the advantage of the best teachers to help me. These were the building blocks but the solid foundation was laid at school. Not only the academics, sport and extracurricular activities, but also the school's role in character building. The fostering of qualities of integrity, sportsmanship, fairness, diligence, teamwork, comradeship and loyalty. The Service built on these attributes and furthered them with skills of their own but it was St. Joseph's that gave me an advantage, a head start on the road to life.

If I have one regret, it is that with the exception of Air Marshal Philip Rajkumar of the Indian Section, I did not come across fellow Josephites during my 40 years in the Air Force. It is therefore good to know that the OBA is featuring those who chose to serve their country.

Fide et Labore and Jai Hind. May more Josephites aspire to "Touch the Sky with Glory".

Lieutenant General V Menon, SM, VSM (Retd) – Batch of 1973

An alumnus of St Joseph’s Boys’ High School, ISC Batch ’73, Lt Gen V Menon joined the National Defence Academy in June 1974. He was commissioned into the Corps of Engineers in June1978, after a year at the Indian Military Academy. He graduated third in the Order of Merit from both Institutions. He is a medallist in Boxing, Aquatics and Water Polo. The General Officer superannuated on 31 Dec 2016 after 38 and a half years of service to the Nation, having held several prestigious command and staff appointments and foreign assignments during his illustrious career.

Prominent amongst these is the command of his Regiment during the Kargil Conflict (Operation VIJAY). The Regiment received the Army Commander’s Citation for its sterling contributions during the Operations and he was awarded the Vishisht Seva Medal for distinguished operational service. While at the Directorate General of Military Operations, he has represented India during the ‘Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons’ at the United Nations Headquarters, Geneva.

He has been Deputy Director General Discipline & Vigilance, Chief Engineer of a Strike Corps, Chief Engineer at the United Nations Mission, Mozambique and Chief Engineer of Central Army Command. As Maj Gen he was involved in the administration of the Northern Army Command and counter terrorist operations in J&K, where he was awarded the Sena Medal. As Lt Gen, he held the coveted appointment of the Chief of Staff of Western Army Command and thereafter took over as the Commandant, College of Military Engineering, Pune, prior to his retirement.

He holds degrees of ME in Structural Engineering from IIT Roorkee, MSc in Defence Studies and an MPhil in both Defence and Management Studies and Defence and Strategic Studies.

His wife, Mrs Sarah Menon, also a Josephite, has been schooled at St. Joseph’s Girls High School, Pune and is a professional in the field of Human Resource Development and Administration. Bhavana, their daughter, is the Director of Sales and their son Ashwin, is a Chef, both with the Marriott Hotel, Bengaluru.

The General Officer nurtures a flood of fond memories of school days; the three years in the ‘small and middle dorm’ while in the boarding; Mrs Pereira, his class teacher in the 6th standard; the awesome ‘Papa’ Yates who also tutored him in Maths; all the other gurus and idols in his upbringing at School. He recollects Mathew, the ‘Bell Man’ ever intriguing with his antiques while ringing the School Bell; the tuck shop ‘Widdies’, and the barter of his ‘stick-jaw’ for dessert at the refectory during dinner. He eagerly looks forward to visiting School whenever he is in Bengaluru and reliving those wonderful days at St Joseph’s.

Brigadier Paul D Naidu – Batch of 1979

Paul Deepak Naidu (ICSE 1979) belonged to St George’s. While in school he was a member of the swimming team and won the Best Actor and Debater awards in Class X. Mr Joe Andrade, David Chatterjee and Mrs Coelho and other teachers left a lasting impression on him. His biggest regret was not being taught Maths by Mr Yates! After passing out of school and St. Josephs PUC, Paul Naidu joined the NDA in 1982. He was commissioned into the Madras Sappers in 1986.

As a Major, he commanded a field company on the Siachen Glacier and also during the Kargil War. For its outstanding performance during operations, his Regiment won the Theatre Honour ‘KARGIL’. Subsequently, as a Colonel he commanded the same Engineer Regiment in J & K from 2005-07. The officer has served as a United Nation Peacekeeper in Lebanon where he was deployed to monitor the Israel – Lebanon border. Incidentally, on completion of his tour of duty, he was relieved in Lebanon by Mike Fernandez – another Josephite!

He had two tenures with the Military Operations Directorate at Army Headquarters and was a member of the Indian Delegation on weapon disarmament at the UN HQ in Geneva on several occasions. Paul was posted as an instructor in the prestigious Defence Service Staff College, Wellington from 2007-09.

In 2014, on being promoted to Brigadier, Paul transferred to the General Cadre and commanded the iconic CHINDITS Mountain Brigade in Assam in an active counter insurgency environment. He was then selected as the Security Advisor and Training Team Leader to the Kingdom of Lesotho in Southern Africa from 2015-17. Back now in India, he is presently heading a strategic think tank in Delhi which deals with issues of National Security and Policy.

Paul is a keen sportsman and has represented the Services Team in Tennis at the National Championships on two occasions. He is an avid traveller, blogger and photographer. His 36 years in uniform have convinced him that being a Josephite is indeed special and is the best thing that could have happened to him!!

Brigadier Michael A J Fernandez, VSM – Batch of 1983

Michael studied at SJBHS from Std 4 to 10 (1976-83). He represented the School in Inter School Debating competition in his 6th standard and St David’s House in the School elocution competitions.

He fondly remembers his teachers – Mrs Britto his Std 6 class teacher, Papa Yates (Maths and Club Swinging), Fr Denis Coelho for expounding the romance of the ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’, Mr Andrade for economics, Mr Bhat his scoutmaster, Mr Charles Noronha for Geography and the effervescent Dr David Chatterjee his Chemistry master, among many others.

He was privileged to have been Dr David Chatterjee’s chief guest for extension of the Chemistry Lab in 2000, when he dropped by at School, just a little while before the legend passed away. Michael has very fond memories of all his classmates who remain as brilliant, boisterous and vibrant as they were at school.

An alumnus of the National Defence Academy and the Indian Military Academy, Michael was commissioned into the prestigious Madras Sappers of the Corps of Engineers in June 1988. He served with his Regiment in the IPKF in Sri Lanka and thereafter in varied terrain – from the deserts of Rajasthan to the plains of Assam and J&K.

He is a gold medallist in Electrical Engineering from the Jawahar Lal Nehru University and has earned an MPhil in Defence and Strategic Studies from the Madras University and an MPhil in Defence and Management Studies from the Devi Ahilya University Indore. He also has a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Rights from the Indian Institute of Human Rights, New Delhi. Moreover, Michael is a graduate of the Defence Services Staff College, Wellington and has attended the Army Higher Command Course, Mhow and the prestigious National Defence College Course, New Delhi.

Michael has been an instructor at the National Defence Academy and the Defence Services Staff College Wellington. He has also served on Operational Staff in High Altitude Area on the Tawang border and the Punjab border. He has served on a year-long UN assignment as part of UNIFIL in Lebanon during 2001-02 and represented the Indian Army on UN CCW deliberations at the UN HQ Geneva in March 2020.

In the past, Michael commanded his parent Engineer Regiment in High Altitude Area in the Kargil Sector. Stepping to the General Cadre as Brigadier, he commanded an Amphibious Infantry Brigade of the Indian Army.

Deservedly, Michael has been awarded the Vishist Seva Medal in 2018, the Chief of Army Staff Commendation Card in 2015 and the General Officer Northern Command Commendation Card in 2009 for meritorious service. He continues to serve today, and he is happily married to Pearl Fiona, his childhood sweetheart, who runs a loving home and has been a pillar of support to him through thick and thin all these years. Their only son Nigel has completed his MTech in Computer Science, majoring in AI and is presently working in an AI Research Lab with NAVER at Seoul, Republic of Korea.

OBA Riders

Th OBA Riders group has continued to grow over the past three years, now consisting of 61 members - from batches 1986 to 2015. While some rides are short breakfast rides, multi-day rides are also organized. The group rode to the OBA Kerala Connect in May.

News from School

Rev Fr Clifford Sequeira, Principal, has moved to St Aloysius College, Mangalore. The OBA is extremely grateful for tremendous support received over the past years, as Treasurer, OBA and as our mentor, and for having provided the OBA the opportunity to work closely with the school management on several initiatives for staff and students. The OBA looks forward to associating closely with Fr Sunil Fernandes, Principal, in the years to come.

The OBA congratulates the Principal, Teachers, Parents and Students for having achieved 100% pass results in ICSE and ICSE. Several students ranked high at the National level.

SJBHS won the KSCA U-16 Inter-School Cricket Tournament, 2018-19. The OBA congratulates the Principal, Coaches, Parents and Students!

Nominations for OBA Awards – 2020
OBA Lifetime Achievement Award and OBA Award for Significant Achievement

The Managing Committee, OBA invites nominations for the OBA Lifetime Achievement Award and OBA Awards for Significant Achievement. Please hand over nominations in free format in a sealed envelope to “Secretary, OBA” and/or email latest by June 30, 2020 to
More information is available here:

Nominations for OBA Managing Committee – 2020-20

The MC invites nominations for the OBA Managing Committee – 2020-20. Please submit nominations on or before 4pm, Friday, August 16, 2020, at the OBA office. The nomination form is available here:

Limited Edition OBA Centenary Memorabilia

OBA Centenary Coffee Table Books and Amrut beverages – part of the OBA Centenary Limited Edition Memorabilia collection – are available at the OBA office. Please contact the office before stocks run out!

Obituary – Mr Charlie Taveira (Teacher, 60s & 70s)

The OBA regrets the passing of our beloved teacher Mr Charlie Taveira in Melbourne, Australia on March 29, 2020. May his soul rest in peace.

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Photographs from recently concluded OBA events

Feast of St Joseph & Jimmy Anklesaria OBA Inter Batch Super Sixes Cricket Tournament (March)

Saleh Ahmed OBA Inter Batch Rink Hockey Tournament (March)

SJBHS OBA Connect – Kerala 2020 (May)

OBA Martyr's Memorial Service (May)

OBA Martyrs’ Memorial Service Highlights Video (May)

OBA Calendar of Events

OBA Calendar of Events – 2018-19

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