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OBA Calling May 2016
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OBA Career Day
22 June, 27 July, 17 August, 2016
OBA Innovation Lab
Launch 20 June, 2016
OBA Buzz
27 June, 2016
SJBHS OBA Connect – Goa 2016
6 - 7 August, 2016
SJBHS OBA Connect – North America 2016
3 – 4 September, 2016

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Upcoming OBA events
Career Day (22 June, 27 July, 17 August, 2016)

The Career Day Series for Std 10 students is designed to introduce them to the range of career options available. An important objective is to motivate students who may still be undecided. The first three topics that have been decided for the 2016 series from June to December are Healthcare (22 Jun, Wed), Information Technology (27 Jul 2016, Wed) and Unusual & Alternative Careers (17 Aug, Wed). The OBA will plan Phase 2 follow up guidance sessions.

The OBA is looking for volunteers for the Career Day Sessions and the following guidance phase. If you require more information and would like to volunteer, please contact Vijay Alphonse (1990) at This edition of the OBA Calling Newsletter features several Old Boys who have chosen unusual career paths.

Innovation Lab (Launch 22 June, 2016)

The Innovation Lab programme looks to encourage critical thinking skills and greater social awareness and is set to kick-off at the School in late June of this year. Students of Std 7 to 9 will participate in the project. In the first year, students will work in teams on their projects and submit a written report on how they would go about solving a particular social problem. In the second year, one project from each Std/Section will be given the opportunity to build further in an entrepreneurial framework. The project needs support from the OBA to mentor students and review their project reports.

Please step forward and volunteer for this important initiative. If you require more information on the Innovation Lab and would like to volunteer, please contact Vijay Nazareth (1978) at

OBA Buzz - 2016 (27 June, 2016)

The OBA will conduct the OBA Buzz, the annual inter-house cultural competition for the School’s students from the junior to senior classes. The competition includes over 15 events including Collage making, Creative Writing, Dance, Debates, Dramatics, Instrumental music, Elocution, JAM, Mad Ads, Personality, Painting, Quiz, Singing and Sketching. Certificates, trophies and cash prizes will be awarded to the winners of the competitions. The OBA Buzz is a unique platform to discover and nurture creative talent among School’s students.

SJBHS OBA Connect – Goa 2016 (6 - 7 August, 2016)

The third OBA Connect event of the OBA year will be held in Goa in August. Conducted since 2010, the exciting event highlights fellowship and best-in-class music and food. It is typically held at or near a beach venue just as the monsoons are tapering off, with Goa welcoming you with its newfound greenery. The Old Boys from the Goa Chapter are eager to host you and your families. Mark your calendars for the weekend of 6 - 7 August (Sat - Sun). Do stay tuned for more details.

SJBHS OBA Connect – North America (3 - 4 September, 2016 – Labor Day Weekend)

Old Boys, families and friends are invited to participate in the SJBHS OBA Connect - NA 2016 event to be held over the Labor day weekend (3-4 September) in the Washington DC area. An informal dinner on Saturday evening in the Reston/Herdon area of Northern Virginia will be followed by a picnic on Sunday afternoon at Lake Fairfax Park, Reston, VA. Please confirm attendance to Pradeep Menon at or to Kamran Abbas at There is no charge for stay and food for Old Boys and children who are full time students.

Recently concluded OBA events
Prestige SJBHS OBA Golf Tournament (12 March, 2016)

Saturday, 12 March, 2016 dawned as a bright and sunny day at the upscale 18-hole Prestige Golfshire course at the foothills of Nandi. This was the day of the inaugural Prestige SJBHS OBA Golf tournament. The months of planning and organizing by the organizing committee, team of dedicated and committed Old Boys (golfers Sagar Muthappa (1987), Virgo Mathews, Deepak Krishnankutty, Peter Prem, Joseph Ollapally (2000) and Trishul Chinnappa (2008), along with four MC members) were about to bear fruit with 90 golfing Josephites, spanning classes from 1963-2020, teeing off that morning.

It was recognized that this had to be an event organized by golfers, to draw in golfing Old Boys. The final decision taken was to institute a marquee event on Bangalore's sports calendar, in keeping with the high sporting traditions of our School. Irfan Razack (1969), Chairman, Prestige Group, a golfing Old Boy, had no hesitation in offering sponsorship at the Golfshire course and with this in hand, the team went after sponsorships by way of branding for each hole, as well as for the various other prizes and trophies.

The database was built up and the Josephite community responded enthusiastically and with great generosity to the campaign. The tournament itself had about 80 enthusiastic participants, including Rahul Dravid (1989), the Razack brothers - Irfan and Noaman, well known golfers David D’Souza and Amitabh Poddar and former All India Amateur champion turned pro Trishul Chinnappa (against whom all participants could compete on a hole).

The venue and arrangements, the tournament itself, followed by prize distribution with Principal Fr Sequeira, SJ present and the fellowship and hospitality received very favourable feedback from the participants. The School Song was sung with great gusto and the House prize - the Fr Denis Coelho Memorial Rolling Trophy - was won by St David's House, while the batch prize - named after Fr Hedwig Da Costa SJ - was awarded to the Batch of 88.

There are very few such events organized anywhere in the country and the OBA thanks the organizing team for its efforts and is delighted to reinforce and strengthen our Josephite bonds with such events. We look forward to hosting the next event, with even greater participation, scheduled for 14 Jan, 2017 at the same venue, with the support of the Prestige Group. Golfers, wherever you are - please block this date!

Celebration of the Feast of St Joseph (13 March, 2016)

The Feast of St Joseph was celebrated on Sunday, 13 March at SJBHS. The event is a unique occasion that reflects on the strong sporting tradition of our School. The inter-alumni association cricket tournament for the Saleh Ahmed Trophy was held after the traditional mass and breakfast.

The cricket matches were followed by another tradition - the biriyani lunch. The team representing the alumni association of Baldwin Boys’ High School won the tournament, with that of Bishop Cotton coming in as the runners-up. Over 150 Old Boys joined in the event. The OBA takes this opportunity to sincerely thank our sponsor Nadeem Ahmed (1971).

SJBHS OBA Connect – Kerala 2016 (21-22 May, 2016)

The OBA Connect events held annually in Kerala to celebrate the coming of the Monsoon season have only grown in reputation. The latest event was held at the luxurious Marari Beach Resort about 40 km south of Kochi in the picturesque Alleppey district on 21-22 May. Old boys travelled from Bangalore, Mangalore, many places in Kerala and even as far as Dubai. There was tremendous support from the families of Old Boys, from Kerala and outside.

On May 21, the singing of the School Song was followed by the Meeting in which Shashi Lewis described several initiatives like Career Day and Mentoring. George Olapally spoke about the unique Prestige SJBHS OBA Golf Tournament conducted in March. Sumptuous dinner followed by music continued till about 3 AM. On May 22, fellowship continued over breakfast, volleyball and refreshments at the beach restaurant, and closed with a massive, multi-course lunch. Old Boys are already looking forward to 2017!

News from School
ICSE and ISC results

The OBA joins the School to celebrate the results of the 2016 Std 10 ICSE and Std 12 ISC Exams. Every student passed the exam! The OBA congratulates the Principal, Staff and Students on achieving the distinction of 100% passes. The OBA wishes the students well as they move forward along their chosen paths. The OBA looks forward to launch the Career Day initiative to engage with students during the next academic year and guide them on available career options.

Rev Fr Clifford Sequeira, SJ (Principal, SJBHS) honoured by the City of Bangalore

Rev Fr Clifford Sequeira, SJ (Principal, SJBHS) was honoured by the City of Bangalore (BBMP) with the Kempegowda Award. This prestigious award is reserved for the select few who have contributed to the development of Bangalore. The OBA congratulates Rev Fr for having received this honour and wishes him even greater achievements in the years to come.

Paths taken by Old Boys
Gostu Irani – Travelling and getting paid for it

Gostu Irani (1964) has been a freelance travel writer and photographer for the past 30 years. The husband and wife team travel the world, reviews places, attractions and restaurants. Their writings are published in travel magazines. They have also published several books. Looking back, Gostu says that a small group of Parsis remained in Iran and were told by the first wave which migrated to India about 1,000 years ago, to move to India. His family is part of the second wave of migration about 150 years ago. Gostu’s pen name is Gustasp. You can read about his travels at

Kamran Abbas – Developing quality healthcare solutions

Kamran Abbas (ISC 2008) pursued his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Bangalore where he identified and isolated bacteria for the “Bioremediation of endosulfan polluted soils”. He further went on to complete his Master's Degree at Texas A&M University (USA) where he was awarded the “Outstanding Graduate Student Award” for two consecutive years. Kamran currently works as an Analytical Scientist at Lonza, a biotech company. He helps develop drugs using Gene Therapy, a technique used to treat complex and fatal diseases. Kamran's efforts are enabling the development of quality healthcare for millions of people in the world.

Indigenous Fakirs – Making Waves

Indigenous Fakirs are a group of nomads who teamed up to make music beyond genres. Parag Parekh, Adrian Jeffery and Sidharth M R (2009) were part of the School’s Indian music team. They came together in early 2016. The band combines influences from various genres. They compose originals and also make medleys of popular numbers. Their unique talent makes them inculcate different genres like Rajasthani folk, Hindustani classical, Blues, Jazz, Country and Eastern classical tossed with Indian, African and Western percussions. The band was featured on BBC's Asian Network in April 2016 when they were three months old.

Kabeer Shetty – For the love of Football

Kabeer Shetty (2002) pursued a degree in Business Management, after which he gave up a corporate career to pursue his love for sports. Kabeer has been selected as the coach of the highly acclaimed, international football club —Arsenal India. A stint at the Commonwealth Games made Kabeer realize that organized coaching needs to be developed in India. He has an AIFF D License, and has coached Boca Juniors in the past. He engages with children at the grassroots level and also sends the children to the next level in several European countries. "The biggest joy is to see a child with a smile on his face.” Kabeer says.

Biktrix – Engineering quality electric bikes

Roshan Thomas (2004) founded Biktrix in Canada in 2014 after graduating from the University of Saskatchewan in 2011. He designs and builds rugged electric bikes. Biktrix shipped over 250 bikes across the globe in 2015. The widely acclaimed Biktrix Juggernaut model was successfully funded for its 1st production run in December 2014. Powered by motors up to 1000W, the electric bike can carry loads up to 125 kg and fuses the best of a mountain bike with an electric bike.

Unfurling the School Flag in the Indian Ocean

It is no secret that Josephites have always been an adventurous and intrepid bunch. It was on an adventurous outing in July 2013 that four Old Boys met in the Maldives. Arjun Unnikrishnan (1989), Anup J Kuttakaran, Nitish Chengappa and Nikhil Chinappa (1988) met on a “liveaboard” (a boat that you stay on and scuba dive off). It was a boys-only diving trip for the group from India and across the world. As soon as they set foot on the boat, they bonded over memories from School - from being pulled up for not completing homework to sneakily eating ‘polly mangoes’ under the desk. The dive trip was an enormous success and since then, the four friends have been on several other trips together. In 2015, Nitish Chengappa quit his job with an IT company and with considerable support from fellow Josephites, set up Fleetfoot Adventures.

The company is dedicated to introducing more people from India to the joys of scuba diving in the clear blue waters of the Maldives. Arjun joined Nitish on many trips and Anup, with his incredible talent as a filmmaker and underwater photographer, captured countless memories. In their latest adventure, they proudly unfurled the School Flag underwater, clicked a few pictures for posterity and celebrated the spirit of adventure and entrepreneurship inculcated in us by our alma mater. You can find the group on Facebook at ‘fleetfootadventures’.

The days gone by
Reflections – Rev Fr Hilario Pereira, SJ

St Anthony's Boys' School, run by the Good Shepherd Sisters down Convent Road, was the only feeder-school for St Joseph's E. H. School. There were four classes in St Anthony's: Classes A, B, C and St I. In St Anthony's, the ruling matriarch was Sister Mechtilde, no-nonsense in school matters, but with the heart of a mother. In St Joseph's it was Standards 2 to 9. Yes, Std 9 was the final high school year, we did the local High School exam, and some did the Cambridge exam too.

I joined the School (from Tanzania) in 1938 (a year after the Jesuits took over the School from the MEP Fathers). I boarded in St Joseph's Small Dorm (an unusual arrangement!) and a group of us marched daily to and from St Anthony's. I joined B Class, went through C Class and St I, and in 1941 joined St 2 in St Joseph's. The formidable Miss Dias ruled supreme in Std 2! And she moulded generations of students in the 40 uninterrupted years in that same class! She had the enviable reputation of never missing a single day of class all those years -- though she always travelled by public transport! Now you understand the quality of our teachers!

I used to be the Novice Master here from 1975-1980. If I am appointed today, I wouldn't know how to deal with today's youth! Their thinking is that of another world!

The Invincible Four

Four of our star athletes -Mangal Das, Francis Lobo, K A Thimmaya and Alex Pillai - were known as the ‘Invincible Four’ during 1970 – 1971, not only at the School level but also at the State level. When the Medley Relay was introduced, the event had four runners and each pre-designated runner ran one stretch - either 100, 200, 400 or 800 metres.

The four had a specialist in each sector. Mangal ran the long 800m, Francis ran the 400m, 200m was run by Thimmaya while Alex ran the 100m as the last stretch. In 1971, when Alex breasted the finish tape, Baldwins were just picking the baton from the 3rd to the 4th runner.

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Photographs from recently concluded OBA Events

Prestige SJBHS OBA Golf Tournament (12 March, 2016)
Celebration of the Feast of St Joseph (13 March, 2016)
SJBHS OBA Connect – Kerala 2016 (21-22 May, 2016)

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