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OBA Calling February 2017
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Celebration of the Feast of St Joseph
Bangalore, Sunday, 19 March
SJBHS OBA Connect – Kerala 2017
Kumararakom, Saturday-Sunday, 27-28 May
OBA Buzz
Bangalore, Monday-Friday, 26 – 30 June

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Upcoming OBA events
Celebration of the Feast of St Joseph

The OBA invites you for the Celebration of the Feast of St Joseph on Sunday, 19 March at SJBHS, beginning with 7AM Mass and breakfast. The first ever Saleh Ahmed Inter-batch Rink Hockey Tournament will be inaugurated at 9AM, played in the 5-a-side format. The OBA invites Old Boys to play and cheer your batch mates. Watch your mailboxes and mobile phones for registration details. The OBA sincerely thanks our sponsor Nadeem Ahmed (Batch of 1971).

SJBHS OBA Connect – Kerala 2017

The SJBHS OBA Connect – Kerala 2017 will be held at the CGH Earth Coconut Lagoon resort at Kumarakom on Sat-Sun, 27-28 May. The OBA Connect series of events brings together Old Boys from different Chapters in India and overseas. Local Old Boys participate and Old Boys from several locations travel also travel to the events. Family members are always welcome to participate with Old Boys, and many often do. Please mark your calendars for the weekend of 27- 28 May, 2017. Please stay tuned for details on travel and reservations.

Recently concluded OBA events
Welcome to OBA – 2017

The OBA takes great pleasure in welcoming students of Std 10 and Std 12 as members every year. Students are introduced to the fellowship events and also to the various development initiatives conducted by the OBA for the School, staff and students. The Welcome to OBA event was held on 17 January, 2017. George Kurian (Batch of 1983) was the Chief Guest. George graduated from Princeton University and Stanford University in the USA, and has distinguished himself by holding leadership positions in several global Technology companies over the years.

Currently CEO of NetApp Inc, a Fortune 500 company, George’s thought leadership is shaping the progress of storage technology and touching the lives of billions of people around the world. In an inspiring speech, George spoke about the power of conviction to paint one’s own landscape painting of life. He then handed over mementoes to the students.

George’s unassuming presence reminded everyone that regardless of the heights of achievement, the bonding with the School and OBA never fails to transport Old Boys several decades back to the time when they were as young as the members of the graduating classes. The OBA wishes the students of Std 10 and Std 12 the very best as they embark on their journeys of life.

Prestige SJBHS OBA Golf Tournament – 2017 – by George Ollapally (Batch of 1968)

Saturday, 14th January, 2017 was a cool, sunny day for all the Josephite golfers assembled at the upscale 18-hole Prestige Golfshire course near the foothills of Nandi. This was D-day of the second edition of the Prestige SJBHS OBA Golf tournament.

The months of planning and organizing by the OBA Golf Tournament Committee, a team of dedicated and committed Old Boys (golfers Sagar Muthappa '87, Deepak Krishnankutty '79, Joseph Ollapally '00, Trishul Chinnappa '08, Arjun Nambisan '88, Rolf Marren '96 along with MC members) were about to bear fruit with 90 golfing Josephites, spanning classes from 1963-2010, teeing off that morning.

The tournament itself had about 90 enthusiastic players, all in Josephite T shirts - among others - the Razack brothers - Irfan and Noaman, well known golfers David D’Souza and Amitabh Poddar, Venkat Vardhan and three Josephite PGTI pros, former All India Amateur champion turned pro Trishul Chinnappa, CG Somaiah and Syed Saquib.

The venue and arrangements (including the goodie bag contents), the tournament itself, followed by prize distribution with Principal Fr Sequeira, SJ present and the fellowship and hospitality received very favourable feedback from the participants.
The School Song was sung with great gusto and the House prize - the Fr Denis Coelho Memorial Rolling Trophy - was won by St Patrick's House, while the batch prize - named after Fr Hedwig Da Costa SJ - was awarded to the Batch of 81.

Top amateur golfer, David D'Souza, was the winner in the Open Category, with Amitabh Poddar, Sanjay DeSouza, Michael Piers and Maj Gen Bala Thambiah winners in their respective categories.

In addition to the trophies and medals, a range of additional special prizes were sponsored by generous old boys for the winners. In addition, Sandeep Maini's gesture in donating a buggy and Venkat Vardhan's winning bid at the auction that followed, provided a fitting end to a throughly enjoyable day.
This is probably one of few such events organized anywhere in the country. The OBA thanks the Organizing Committee for its untiring efforts in making this a truly memorable tournament. We are delighted to reinforce and strengthen our Josephite bonds and look forward to hosting next year's event, scheduled for Saturday, 13th January, 2018 at the same venue with even greater participation. We hope to scale even greater heights next year, being the Centenary year for the OBA.

Josephite golfers, wherever you are - please block the date in your calendar and join us on Saturday, 13th January, 2018!

OBA Christmas Dinner – 2017 – by Nandita “Santa Claus” Chandrasekhar (Batch of 2015)

Christmas celebrations began early at SJBHS with the OBA Christmas Dinner which was held on the 10th of December, 2016. As the year came to a close, the OBA added to the good cheer by hosting the OBA Christmas Dinner for Old Boys, families and friends. The chilly weather of Bangalore provided the perfect atmosphere for the sumptuous meal. The music by Fabian and his band added to the ethos of the event. Santa Claus paid a short visit to entertain the children with games and gifts.

There were several games that were organized for the families of the Old Boys. The batches of 1991 and 2007, the winners of the OBA Football Tournament were awarded with the trophies and medals at the Christmas dinner. The dinner was attended by 200 guests. It was a great way to start the holiday season, and it was a memorable evening for everyone present.

News From School
Teenovators Innovation Challenge – National Award

Teenovators is an innovation challenge competition for teenagers conducted by Manipal University. SJBHS students achieved a noteworthy distinction by winning the FIRST PRIZE in the All India Teenovators 2016 competition for 9th - 12th standard students.

Students of SJBHS designed a fire extinguisher based on sound waves. The First Prize included a cash award of Rs Five Lakhs. The experience of designing solutions and interacting with other innovators and industry experts will motivate the students to continue to think of creative solutions to common problems faced in India.

Green Initiatives at SJBHS

Several environment related initiatives were launched, including the 'Go Green' rally where over 1,500 students and teachers participated. LED lights were installed, and the Solar lighting program was started with nine solar lights on campus. The Solar energy capacity is designed to grow to 20KW in future, with the capability to supply energy back to the grid.

‘C S’ TIPS FOR A HEALTHY HEART – Dr C S Rajan (Batch of 1969)

A healthy heart implies ‘Cardiovascular fitness’. Cardiovascular fitness is the result of your heart, lungs, muscles and blood working together in concert, while you exercise. Cardiovascular fitness is inextricably linked with health. Listed below are 10 Common Sense (CS) Tips to ensure the ‘CS’ of Cardiac Strength.

1. Cease Smoking. Besides its potential to cause cancer, smoking is very injurious to the health of your heart.
2. Curb Salt intake. Prolonged use of additional salt in diet raises the blood pressure.
3. Control Sugar inputs. India is fast becoming the ‘Diabetic capital of the World’. Our Carbohydrate (sugar) intake needs modulation to reduce chances of becoming diabetic, which is a condition associated with increased heart disease. If you are already a Diabetic, please monitor your sugar levels and keep them in normal range with proper diet, and medications
4. Combat Stress. Learn to walk away from stressful situations. Plan, prepare and do your work systematically, so that stress factors are reduced.
5. Correct Size to be maintained, in that keep your body mass index within normal limits. Excess weight adds strain to the heart’s pumping ability.
6. Cholesterol Status to be monitored. The hype on the use of drugs to reduce Cholesterol has now been challenged, but we know that high levels of the cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood are associated with increase in cardiovascular incidents
7. Commence Stretching, implying get into some form of regular exercise. A simple brisk walk every day for about 40 minutes a day is the best. If you have been sedentary for a long time, are significantly overweight, are suffering from any form of cardiovascular or metabolic disease or have any joint problems, seek medical advice before beginning any sort of new workout routine.
8. Customised Screening, referring to a regular annual check with your doctor for your general health status, blood pressure and monitoring of the blood sugar levels.
9. Cheerful Smiles, have a good laugh, meet up with friends (Join the OBA!!), and recollect good times, which, by far, is my best ‘heart tonic’!
10. Comfortable Sleep. Sleep deprivation over time leads to early cardiac fatigue and poor health. Anything less than 8 hours a day is unhealthy.

With best wishes for healthy hearts to all.

OBA Riders

The OBA Riders continued their series of rides that started in September 2016. The ride to Yercaud was their longest, so far. A highlight of the trip was the lunch at the renowned Selvi Mess in Salem where the owner posed for a photograph with the OBA Riders group.


We regret the sad demise of these Old Boys. May their souls rest in peace. Our deepest condolences to the bereaved families.
• Air Vice Marshall Melville Rego (Batch of 19XX) - February 13, 2017
• Jeffery Bhagar (Batch or 1964) - February 1, 2017
• Tony Sunil (Batch of 1985) - January 18, 2017
• Jai Kumar (Batch of 1991) - January 14, 2017
• Dr Gerard Mascarenhas (Batch of 1959) - December 19, 2016
• Roland Peter de Rebello (Batch of 1945) – December 7, 2016
• P A Medapa (Batch of 1979) - December 4, 2016

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OBA Christmas Dinner - 2016 (Dec 10, 2016)
Prestige SJBHS OBA Golf Tournament – 2017 (Jan 14, 2017)
Welcome to OBA - 2017 (Jan 17, 2017)
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