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OBA Calling February 2016
Fr Denis F Coelho (1926-2016) - a tribute
By Rajeev Shenoy (Batch of 1996)

My earliest memory of Fr Denis Coelho is of the time when Fr. was invited to be the Chief Guest at the Annual Sports Day of St. Anthony's Boys' School. The year was 1988 and I, as the Head Boy of the school, was to accord Fr. a garlanded welcome to the event. I was as nervous as can be, at the prospect of having to welcome the Chief Guest, my potential Principal of the near future. "Fr Coelho will be watching each of you with a hawk's eye" we were told; our impending admission to St. Joseph's would depend on our behaviour on that day. In stark contrast to the images of the austere disciplinarian that I had conjured up in my mind, I was greeted by a gentle, smiling man who instantly put me at ease with his warm, friendly demeanour and kind words.

Fr Denis Coelho was my Principal for the four and half years that followed and I held him in the highest esteem during that period. I could narrate several incidents which have made an impression on me, however, this specific parable that he had related during one of the Friday 'Instructions' period has grown to become the second motto of my life (the first being 'Faith and Toil').

It was about the inscription of 'He died climbing' - on the tombstone of a Swiss mountaineer. The inscription, Fr Coelho told us, is not just literal or descriptive of the manner of his death. It is figurative in the sense that no matter what our age or state in life, we still have a little more that can be done. There are contributions to be made, there is value to be added. You do not stop, you have to keep going.. and growing. Look for that next peak, that next vista.

I realise now, 26 years later, that Fr Coelho had on that day not simply shared with us a story that he had read but had described the life that he lead. I now pray that one more prayer for you, Dear Fr, for you had truly written that one more song, planted that one more sapling, given that crank one more turn.

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Prestige SJBHS OBA Golf Tournament,
Saturday, 12 March
Celebration of the Feast of St Joseph - 2016,
Sunday, 13 March
SJBHS OBA Connect – Kerala 2016
Saturday-Sunday, 21-22 May

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Upcoming OBA events
Prestige SJBHS OBA Golf Tournament

Prestige SJBHS OBA Golf Tournament: The OBA is very excited to welcome you to the inaugural edition of the Prestige SJBHS OBA Golf Tournament to be held at the Prestige Golfshire Club at Nandi Hills near Bangalore on Saturday, 12 March, 2016. This year's event will have over 100 OBA golfers competing for prizes in team and individual categories over a round of golf at Bangalore's top golf course – Prestige Golfshire. While the golf could get seriously competitive, we believe that the fellowship throughout the day will be fun and lively, with the day getting nicely balanced out.

The tournament programme and rules will be communicated via email and SMS shortly.
Registration form is at:
Format: Team Event and Individual Stableford off 3/4 Handicap. Tee off: Shotgun. Tee off time: 8.00 AM

For more details, please call or email Arjun Unnikrishnan (+91.98450.08972,

Celebration of the Feast of St Joseph

Celebration of the Feast of St Joseph: The Feast of St Joseph will be celebrated on Sunday, 13 March at SJBHS. After the traditional Mass, the inter- alumni association cricket tournament for the Saleh Ahmed Trophy will be held.

A unique occasion that reflects on the roots of our School along with games and camaraderie, the OBA seeks strong support from those who are based in Bangalore and those who may be traveling to Bangalore at that time. The OBA takes this opportunity to sincerely thank our sponsor Nadeem Ahmed (Batch of 1971).


SJBHS OBA Connect – Kerala 2016: Started about six years ago, the OBA Connect series of events outside Bangalore is designed to bring together Old Boys at other Chapters in India and overseas. Old Boys from several locations travel to the events. Every event is an opportunity to connect and enjoy a little holiday. Family members are most welcome to participate.

The OBA Connect events in India will resume with the event at Kerala, traditionally held around the backwaters off Kochi or Allapuzha. The Kerala Old Boys are, as always, eager to host you and your families. Mark your calendars for the weekend of 21-22 May, 2016. Do stay tuned for more details.

Recently concluded OBA events

The period between Nov 2015 and Jan 2016 has been super busy, with two first-of-their-kind events being held – the ‘Back to School’ event for our Golden Greats and the ‘OBA Inter-Batch Football Tournament’, both of which were amazing hits. Active participation of Old Boys has encouraged us to continue organizing these events.

Back to School – Golden Greats

A get-together for Old Boys who passed out of School before 1980 was held on Sunday, 22 November, 2015. Fr Hedwig Da Costa and Mrs Sait (Hindi teacher from the 1960s and 1970s, now settled in the USA) joined the Old Boys. The De Rebello brothers - Ivan (1943) and Maurice (1949) – were the oldest. The Machado twins – Leo and Lyn (1970) participated, with Leo entertaining the Old Boys with his feisty songs.

The event managers had thoughtfully put together a variety of delightful games using House colours as the theme for the event. A lovely time was had by all. The Golden Greats certainly look forward to more such events to be held in future.

OBA Inter-Batch Football Tournament

Oh, what a super goal that was! The inaugural OBA Inter-Batch Football Tournament, , was held over two weekends - on 29 November and 6 December, 2015. The event was divided into two tournaments - for the pre-1990 and post-1990 batches. A total of 18 teams participated. Every team played in the true Josephite spirit. While competition was fierce, no red cards were awarded. The semi-final and final- were played under floodlights.

The Batch of 1990 won the pre-1990 tournament while the Batch of 2006 won the post-1990 tournament. Anto (Batch of 2004) won the Player of the Tournament prize. Anup Raj (Batch of 2007) won the prize for scoring the most goals. The winners’ trophies and individual prizes were distributed on 12 December during the Christmas dinner.

The tournament was in fact the first-of-its-kind in Bangalore. The OBA thanks the sponsors for their support. BFC supported us with goalposts, balls and referees. Old Boys helped secure water from Himalaya and energy beverages from Tata Global. The OBA thanks Old Boys for enthusiastic participation and is keen on conducting the 2016 edition of the tournament. It truly felt like the clock had been wound back, playing on the school ground all over again.

OBA Christmas Dinner - 2015

The OBA Christmas Dinner - 2015 was held on Sat, 12 Dec. There were 160 participants. The BFC team awarded the prizes of the football tournament. The kids loved Santa, as always.

The evening was packed with things to do. A quiz, carol singing, bouncing castle for the kids and the bonfire kept everyone entertained and busy, getting ready to welcome the new year 2016 that lay ahead.

Welcome to OBA - 2016

The objective of this event is to light the spark to build ties between the to-be Alumni and the OBA. The President welcomed the students and spoke about the OBA, while Terry Lawson of the Batch of 2011 delivered the address.

A scroll with the School Song was presented as a memento, along with a booklet on the OBA. About 350 students from Std 10 and Std 12 participated. The OBA welcomes the students into the OBA family and wishes them a happy and successful life journey ahead.

Old Boys in the News
Trishul Chinnappa

Trishul Chinnappa (Batch of 2008) started experimenting with golf at the age of three, with his first chips being on the lawn at home. Hard work enabled Trishul to play in several tournaments around the world and to become India's champion by winning the Amateur Golf Championship in Dec 2014.

He has earned playing rights on the Asian Development Tour (ADT), a platform for creating emerging stars from across Asia and around the world. The OBA wishes Trishul the best for a long, successful career!

Arvind Mani

Arvind Mani (Batch of 2012) brought swimming honours for India on 7 February, 2016 by winning the 200 metres backstroke race at the 12th South Asian Games in Guwahati. He narrowly missed winning the first place in the 50 metres backstroke race on 9 February, 2016.

Having started swimming at the age of five, Arvind won his first state medal in 2008 and first national medal in 2012. Interestingly, in July 2013, Arvind erased senior SJBHS Old Boy and mentor Rehan Poncha’s National record in the 400 metres individual medley that had been set in 2003. Arvind said, “This is my first international event in India and I am proud to have won Gold.”

News from School
Cottonian Shield

Bravo! The SJBHS U-13 Cricket team won the Cottonian Shield in January, 2016, defeating Bishop Cotton Boys’ School on their home ground. In a well-contested final, SJBHS beat BCBS by 22 runs. SJBHS team members won several accolades:

Sanil won the Best All-Rounder and Best Bowler awards in the U-15 tournament, while Chinmay won the Best Bowler and the Player of the Final award in the U-13 tournament. The OBA wishes the School teams the very best for the years ahead.

B T Ramaiah Cricket Tournament

In another creditable achievement, the SJBHS team reached the final of the B T Ramaiah Cricket Tournament conducted by the KSCA in January, 2016. The team defeated Bishop Cottons in the semi-final- by chasing down a target of 157 runs. The team finished as runner-up after narrowly missing the winning target of 180 runs set by DPS East.

Well done, team! The OBA wishes you the very best next year.

Kaizen Programme conducted by the OBA

The second edition of the OBA Teacher Kaizen Programme was conducted over six sessions from 15 November, 2015 to 9 December, 2015, after the Pilot held during July-August, 2015. Fifteen teachers of the Middle School section attended the programme. The six sessions were conducted by Gopal Bengeri (Batch of 1976), Rohith K N and Ms Arundathi Raja.

The programme reinforced the following: using games to enrich student vocabulary and sentence construction, encouraging students to follow project approach to prepare for classes, speech delivery techniques, dramatics as a medium of instruction and test learning and understanding rather than only theoretical knowledge.

Feedback from teachers was very positive. The OBA Kaizen Team is working on conducting a Teacher Kaizen Contest this year.

Widdy: A Legend

Abdul’s is probably one of the faces most well-known to current students and Old Boys, having been associated with SJBHS since 1942, when he was 12 years old. Widdy, as he is popularly known, speaks about changes that have happened. He was saddened when the Grotto was pulled down and still remembers the fishpond just outside the old swimming pool.

Widdy's grandfather Rahman had started the tuck shop in 1908. Interestingly, Widdy’s predates the OBA by about 10 years.

Widdy remembers many students and staff members and is of the opinion that the students during the past were very polite. Widdy remembers Fr Jacques as one of the strictest Principals while Fr Hedwig Da Costa comes a close second.

Down memory lane Reunion of the Batch of 1943 – after 53 years Postage Stamp

Old Boys of the Batch of 1943 had a memorable reunion on OBA Day - 1996. Seated L-R Sadekh Khaleeli (St Andrew's), Habib Khaleeli (St George's), Lt. Col. Len Noronha (St Patrick's). Standing L C Akhtar Ali Khan (St David's).

Did you know? The Department of Posts released a postage stamp on Nov 28, 2008 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of our School.

From an Old Boy
Wellness – by Aron Carl Sapru (Batch of 1975)

I fondly remember my school back in 1974-75 when life was SIMPLE & CALM. Buying my first BSA Aristocrat bicycle and cycling to school, free roads, lots of trees and shade. Life was balanced then.

The idea of wellness is to understand what it means to be in balance within one’s body and one’s environment and this is achieved by understanding that whatever one does, it should be done in moderation. Everything is good for you, nothing is bad but when one makes something a habit, that is when one depends on that something that gives one an illusion of well-being, to expect relaxation from a source outside of oneself.

The greatest key to wellness and health is to LOVE oneself. All ailments start from this dissatisfaction of oneself. A simple discipline to follow is to sleep early, wake up early, do 30 minutes of PT in the morning, try and walk, cycle, take a bus, become a good listener, sit under a tree, look at the clouds, become AWARE of the beauty of life bubbling on around us. Soon one will surely and steadily KNOW ONESELF, which is WELLNESS.


We regret the sad demise of these Old Boys. May their souls rest in peace. Our deepest condolences to the bereaved families.
Llewellyn Menezes (Batch of 1973) - 31 January, 2016
Arshin Aranha (Batch of 2001) - 3 January, 2016
T. B. Naveen (Batch of 1983) - 20 November, 2015
Tom Scaria (Batch of 1960) - 18 November, 2015

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Back to School – Golden Greats (Nov 22, 2015)
OBA Inter-Batch Football Tournament (Nov 29 & Dec 6, 2015)
OBA Christmas Dinner - 2015 (Dec 12, 2015)
Welcome to OBA - 2016 (Jan 20, 2016)

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