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OBA Christmas Dinner
Sat, 10 Dec, 2016
Prestige SJBHS OBA Golf Tournament
Sat, 14 Jan, 2017
Welcome to OBA
Jan 2016 (date will be announced)
Celebration of the Feast of St. Joseph
Sun, 19 Mar, 2017

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OBA Managing Committee – 2016-17

Meet your new OBA Managing Committee!

Sitting: Rev Fr Principal (Treasurer), Shashi Lewis (President), Brian D’Lima (Secretary)

Standing: Charles Raj, Reo Raymond, George Ollapally (1st Vice President), Naren K N, Vivek George, Franklin Antonat (2nd Vice President), Jyotinath Ganguly, Gregory Pacheco, Ian Lewis (Joint Secretary)

Co-opted: Dr Brian Nobbay, Dr Ravindra Nayak, Nandita Chandrashekar, Aditya Kaura, Francis Satish

Upcoming OBA events
OBA Christmas Dinner (Sat, 10 Dec, 2016)

Meet your new OBA Managing Committee!

As the year winds to a close, the OBA will add to the good cheer by hosting the OBA Christmas Dinner for Old Boys, families and friends. Santa Claus will entertain the children with games and gifts.

Old Boys in Bangalore and those visiting are invited to participate in the event, sing carols with the live band, enjoy the dinner and beverages, sit around the bonfire and get into the mood for the upcoming holiday season.

Tickets may be bought at the OBA office or online through the links below.

Adult ticket (Rs 350 plus Rs 10 service fee):

Child ticket (Rs 200 plus Rs 10 service fee):

Prestige SJBHS OBA Golf Tournament (Sat, 14 Jan, 2017)

Meet your new OBA Managing Committee!

Please mark your calendars for the Prestige SJBHS OBA Golf Tournament to be held at the upscale 18-hole Prestige Golfshire course at the foothills of Nandi Hills near Bangalore on 14 January, 2017. The inaugural tournament held in March 2016 was a marquee event that brought together over 80 golfing Josephites. Josephites spanned batches 1963 to 2020, and included acclaimed sports personalities. Non-golfing Old Boys may register and participate in the fellowship. Please use the links below.

Golfer Registration: (includes tournament details)

Non-Golfer Registration:

Welcome to OBA (Jan 2017)

Meet your new OBA Managing Committee!

The Welcome to OBA event is held annually to induct the present Std 10 and Std 12 students into the OBA. Std 10 and Std 12 students are introduced to the close ties between the OBA and School and are given a glimpse of various events conducted by the OBA Chapters around the world.

The objective is to build camaraderie between members of the OBA across countries and generations. The date of the event will be announced shortly.

Recently concluded OBA events
Back to School Batch Reunions (2 Sept, 2016)

The Back to School reunion for past batches (1956, 1966, 1976, 1986...) was held at the Concert Hall. All Old Boys are invited to attend, across all batches. The Batch of 1966 which celebrated 50 years of passing out of SJBHS was the largest batch with about 15 Old Boys participating. Most Old Boys met after years, perhaps decades, with many having flown down from overseas for the weekend. The Batch 0f 1956 deserves a special mention, with two Old Boys getting together to exchange old and joyful memories.

A huge thank you from the OBA to David D’Costa for galvanizing the Batch of 1966 to come together and celebtare their 50th, and for setting up the Batch of 1966 Scholarship Fund. The OBA thanks the Batch of 1991 and Batch of 1992 for setting up corpus funds in the true spirit of giving back to the School.

Blue & White Bash (3 Sept, 2016; Bangalore)

The tradition of holding the Blue & White Bash continued, with the event being held at the Catholic Club on Saturday, 3 Sept starting at 7:30 PM. Goa’s leading band Forefront kept the guests on their toes throughout the evening. Everybody had a superb time, and the music and dancing stopping rather reluctantly only by midnight.

OBA Day (4 Sept, 2016; Bangalore)

The OBA Day celebrations began with the Holy Mass in the School Chapel at 7AM on Sunday, 4 Sept followed by paying solemn tributes to Old Boy martyrs who laid down their lives fighting for the country in the great wars. The WW memorial in School is one of the few in Bangalore. Assembly, unfurling the School flag, and singing the School Song were followed by traditional breakfast, group photographs and the Annual General meeting of the OBA.

The Old Boys’ team won the Hockey Match beating the current School team. The forever popular Biriyani feast was reserved for the end, with the fellowship winding up in the evening as the sun began to set, bringing the curtains down on another OBA year. OBA Day, the most prominent event of the year, once again produced the fellowship that is a result of Old Boys meeting across generations at the multi-purpose sports complex.

The Batch of 1991 celebrated their 25th anniversary of passing out of school with great gusto over the weekend.

SJBHS OBA Connect – North America 2016 (3-4 Sept, 2016; Reston, VA, USA)

The OBA Connect – North America 2016 was held on 4 – 5 Sept, 2016 with two events. The Happy Hour in the Sheraton, Tyson’s on the 4th evening and the picnic in Lake Fairfax Park on the 5th.

The Happy hour was attended by 98 people, which included old students and their spouses. The picnic was attended by 78 old students and their spouses.

For the first time, both events were attended by six old girls. Fun, competitive events were organized including soccer and tug-of-war. The school song was sung, followed by a closing vote of thanks from Jimmy Anklesaria and Vijay Nazareth. The OBA thanks Pradeep Menon and Kamran Abbas for their meticulous organization.

SJBHS OBA Connect – Dubai 2016 (2 Sept, 2016; Dubai)

Old Boys belonging to the Dubai Chapter organized the OBA Connect – Dubai 2016 reunion in September 2016. The first event of the day was the OBA 1500, a 1,500 metres run early in the morning at Zabeel Park in Dubai. The hard work of the Old Boys certainly entitled them to a sumptuous vegetarian breakfast at MTR, keeping the Bangalore theme in mind. Breakfast was followed by a hearty lunc at Time Café.

OBA Football (25 Nov, 2016; Dubai)

In keeping the Football weekend in SJBHS Bangalore on 26-27 November, Old Boys in Dubai organized a Football event on 25 November. Not only that, they continued the Fellowship into Lunch and then further into Dinner at the Seaman’s Club. The eventful day was memorable for all.

SJBHS OBA Connect – Coorg 2016 and OBA Golf Tournament (10 Oct, 2016; Madikeri)

The Coorg Chapter of the OBA hosted the SJBHS OBA CONNECT – Coorg 2016 reunion in Madikeri. Besides the fellowship, the event included two other highlights. For the first time, a Golf Tournament was held in the morning. And again, for the first time, the OBA Riders rode all the way from Bangalore. The Annual General meeting in the evening was followed by the Fellowship with live music, food and beverages which ended late at night around a large bonfire.

Back to School ‘Golden Greats’ (20 Nov, 2016; Bangalore)

The Back to School Golden Greats reunion aims to bring our senior Old Boys together. The OBA thanks Old Boys who passed out as far back as 1943 and 1944 for their enthusiastic participation.

The Back to School Golden Greats event saw the formation of an Old Boys’ Band consisting of Mark, Rahul and Fabian. Dominic D'Cruz and Oscar Menezes who are part of the OBA Band could not be present. The OBA looks forward to the Old Boys’ Band continuing to support OBA events in future.

OBA Inter Batch Football Tournament (26-27 Nov, 2016)

The OBA Inter-Batch Football Tournament is the highlight of the year for the ‘younger’ Old Boys. Detailed planning and execution saw the tournament getting record participation from players. The Principal Rev Fr Sequeira, SJ inaugurated the tournament with a prayer and the School song. A total of 23 teams registered and participated over the weekend. For batches with an insufficient number of players, OBA teams consisting of combined batches were formed to enable Old Boys to play. Teams were divided into two groups, pre-2000 and post-2000. An elaborate set of rules was drafted.

The Batch of 1991 won the pre-2000 trophy while the Batch of 2007 won the post-2000 trophy. The highest goal scorers were Rohit Fernandes (Batch of 1997) - 11 goals, and Anup Raj (Batch of 2007) - 7 goals.

The Football Committee leveraged technology to the maximum extent to reach out to Old Boys around the world. The drawing of lots before the tournament and both the finals were streamed live on Facebook.

Raju Sir, the highly respected Football coach of the late 1990s and early 2000s, was the Chief Guest for the finals. Mr Shivprakash was the referee for the finals. Though this was only the second edition of the Inter Batch Tournament, it was heartening to see the enthusiastic participation of ‘young’ and ‘not so young’ Old Boys, many of whom had travelled from other places. The OBA thanks the Football committee for superb planning and attention to detail. Congratulations to the Batch of 1991 and Batch of 2007 for winning the pre-2000 and post-2000 trophies!

Josephite Sporting Excellence Celebratory Lunch (Sat, 3 Dec, 2016)

Sports and games have been a strong heritage at SJBHS for decades, being instrumental in moulding Josephites. Many Old Boys have demonstrated passion and commitment, represented the school, state and country, gained recognition, and supported the development of sports at SJBHS. The OBA honoured current and past sportsmen at the inaugural Josephite Sporting Excellence Celebratory Lunch.

The OBA felt privileged to induct seven Josephite Sports Legends into the Josephite Hall of Fame: Cecil Fullinfaw, Freddie Dias, Keki Tarapore, Patrick Jansen, Salus Nazareth, Commander Tehmasp Moghul and Dr Vece Paes. Trishul Chinnappa, a top ranked Golf champion, was honoured for his accomplisments, while 51 school students were honoured.The OBA thanked parents for their strong support.

Update: OBA Innovation Lab and OBA Career Guidance programmes in School
OBA Innovation Lab for Std 7 to 9

The Innovation Lab aimed to encourage critical thinking skills and greater social awareness. Students were divided into teams, and OBA mentors were assigned. Students chose a range of socially relevant topics.

The results will be announced in December 2016 and prizes will be awarded in February 2017. A Certificate of Accomplishment will be awarded to all students who submitted project reports. The OBA thanks Rev Fr Principal, teachers, students and OBA mentors for supporting the Innovation Lab programme.

OBA Career Day Series for Std 10

The OBA conducted a Career Day Series for Std 10 students during the year 2016. The 5-event series concluded with the themes of Law in October and Hospitality in November, 2016.

Students were exposed to a range of traditional and alternative career options over the year. Primarily aimed at Std 10 students, some of the events were attended by ISC students, as well. The OBA thanks Rev Fr Principal, teachers, students and speakers for their support.

OBA Career Mentoring for Std 11, 12

The OBA developed a unique online collaborative platform during 2016 for Career Mentoring. The platform comprises a community of ISC students and volunteer Old Boy mentors based all around the world. Students of Std 11 and 12 were enrolled into groups based on career areas of interest, while over 40 Old Boys are their mentors.

Old Boys have been advising students about career paths in an interactive, group discussion format. The OBA proposes to extend the ‘Slack’ technology platform to include Std 10 students over the next year. The OBA is grateful to Rev Fr Principal, teachers, students and Old Boys for supporting this unique online career mentoring initiative.

News from School

SJBHS hosted the 4th Model United Nations Conference, SJBHSMUN, from 3 to 5 Nov, 2016. The conference proved to be a convergence of debates - of both national and international significance. The committees included Historic United Nations Security Council, League of Nations 1936, All India Party meet 2012, UN Office On Drugs And Crime, EU- NATO Joint Summit, International Olympic Committee, and Economic And Social Council.

SJBHS Phenomenon has turned out to be one of the most reputed school fests in the country, a carnival and cultural fest held in November every year.

The colourful mosaic of competitive events, sports and entertainment included Personality, Fashion Show, Battle of the Bands, Freestyle Dance, Product Launch, 3-A-Side Football and Basketball events.

Two EDM concerts by renowned international artists on 11 and 12 November were a fitting finale to the most anticipated school fest of the year.

Congratulations to the winners of the OBA Lifetime Achievement Award and OBA Award for
Significant Achievement - 2016

OBA Lifetime Achievement Award – 2016

OBA Award for Significant Achievement – 2016
Dr Clement Shirodkar Rajan (1969) – General Surgeon

Col. Christopher Rego (1976) – Social Upliftment
Vijay M Punjabi (1986) – National Champion, Bowling
Dr Thomas Kishen (1987) – Spine Surgeon
Dr Ashvin Vishwanath (1989) – Research in Theoretical Physics

OBA Riders

Enthusiastic Old Boys formed an OBA Riders group in September, 2016. Old Boys ride out of Bangalore on weekends starting off at the School gate. A late breakfast and a pleasant ride back constitute the day.

In addition, the group rode to Coorg for the SJBHS OBA Connect – Coorg 2016 reunion. This is yet another initiative that has brought Old Boys across batches together. Here are a few pictures that will provide you a glimpse into their recent activities.

A reunion in Washington, DC, USA

About 15 Old Boys gathered in Washnington, DC, USA on 4 November, 2016 for an evening of fellowshup with Shashi Lewis, President, OBA. The agenda included discussions on several initiatives that the OBA has taken forward lately. Further, an important point on the agenda was planning for the OBA Centenary Year that is coming up shortly, preparations for which have already started.


We regret the sad demise of the following Old Boys. May their souls rest in peace. Our deepest condolences to the bereaved families.

Mario de P Miranda (Batch 1944) – 18 Nov, 2016
Francis D'Souza (Batch 1958) – 15 Oct, 2016
Akshay Rao (Batch of 1994) – 1 Oct, 2016

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Photographs from recently concluded OBA Events

Back to School – 2016
OBA Day – 2016
SJBHS OBA Connect – Coorg 2016
OBA Inter-Batch Football Tournament – 2016
Josephite Sporting Excellence Celebratory Lunch – 2016
OBA Innovation Lab, Career Day, Career Mentoring – 2016
OBA Riders – 2016

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