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Citation for Ragavendra R. Baliga
Recipient of the OBA Lifetime Achievement Award - 2015

Dr. Ragavendra R Baliga, MD, DNB, MBA, FACC, FACP, FRCP (Edin), is Professor of Internal Medicine at the Ohio State University and Associate Director, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine.

Dr. Baliga is Editor-in-Chief, Textbook of Cardiology, McGraw Hill; Series Editor, Oxford University Press Cardiovascular Handbook Series; Deputy Editor, Global Heart Journal; and Associate Editor of American College of Cardiology Review Journal and Cardiology Review. He is currently board certified in (i) Internal Medicine, (ii) Cardiovascular Disease, and (iii) Advanced Heart Failure Transplant Cardiology. He has held teaching responsibilities at University of Aberdeen, Hammersmith Hospital (University of London), Harvard Medical School, University of Michigan, and Ohio State University.

Moreover, Dr. Baliga has written seventeen world-class textbooks – some published in multiple languages – over forty book chapters, over three hundred and fifty articles in professional journals, and has been on the Editorial Boards of twenty leading journals.

A remarkable achievement was writing a book "200 Cases in Clinical Medicine" later expanded to "250 Cases in Medicine" that has became a reference manual for medical students. This book, along with other publications and presentations, enabled Dr. Baliga to win a NIH National Research Service Award, a 2-year grant to work at Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Baliga epitomizes what it means to “win and spread our school's renown” and “with our deeds enrich her crown”

Despite all of these profound accomplishments, Ragaven, as we know him, remains the same person we knew as a studious yet playful young boy at St. Joseph's. He retains his warmth, his easy-going nature, his wit, and readiness to share. He recently demonstrated his latent poetic skills by composing a series of Odes dedicated to our School and Teachers.

Dr. Baliga is a role-model for our times. He has set a standard for excellence that is a compelling testimony to what “faith and toil” can accomplish. The lifetime achievement award will be a well-deserved “victor's worthy crown” for him. However, the ever-humble and self-effacing Dr. Baliga will probably say, “...the only thing this award will tell the students and alumni of St. Joseph's is that if I can do this, then all of you can”.

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