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Event Report from OBA - USA

Event :
OBA-USA held its Reunion on August 31, 2014 at the Fairfax Lake Park in Reston, Virginia. Attendees :
There were 33 attendees including Old Boys (from Batches 1977 through 2007) and some of their family members. Details :
The event started at noon with light refreshments (and beer) and snacks served as attendees began to arrive and settle in. Younger kids played soccer while some of the younger Old Boys indulged in American football and soccer. Rajesh Kheny welcomed the attendees and suggested that the group begin with lunch and make self- introductions around the picnic tables. Lunch was served at 1:30 pm and when everyone was settled in, introductions were made. The menu* was great and the food excellent!

As everyone finished up with lunch, Rajesh emphasized the major objectives being explored by the “revived” OBA - USA, which included:

(a) Team A, lead by Pradeep Menon and Dave Lobo, were responsible for conducting social events including the present Reunion and to grow and update the contacts list for the Old Boys in the US;
(b) Team B, lead by Nitin Pereira and Akshay Sivananda, were responsible for setting up a mentor program of older Old Boys serving as coaches to support the younger Old Boys who were in the US studying for their undergraduate or graduate degrees and needed networking support ;
(c) Team C, lead by Jimmy Anklesaria, were responsible providing continuity in raising funds for the OBA at large from the US, which would go towards supporting several initiatives in School (including scholarships for needy students, teacher assistance and merit awards)
(d) Team D, lead by Rajesh Kheny and Gautam Ijoor, were responsible for setting up a guidance program with talks, lectures and advice for Students of 9-12 grades in School. Old Boys from the US, who were planning to visit, Bangalore and School would provide such assistance.

The group then sang the School Song with great fervor!

Rajesh finally closed the talk with a vote of thanks especially to Pradeep and Gautam and the entire Team A, for making all the local arrangements for the event.

The group then had a best of 3 tug-of-war match with St. David’s vs the rest of the houses (since David’s were overrepresented). St David’s, who were exhibiting an air of overconfidence lost! The group then moved to continue to play a game of soccer. Amidst a temperature in the 90s and high humidity, St. David’s won!

After a period of ‘cooling down’, and reminiscing, the group dispersed at around 5:30 pm, just before thunderstorms folded in to end the evening with some cooler weather!
Menu :
Veg Samosas and Pakoras, Salad, Chicken 65, Murg Curry, Butter Chicken, Murg Biryani, Naans, Veg Biryani, Paneer Masala and Gulab Jamuns Pre - Event :
A group of about 12 Old Boys chilled at the Sheraton Reston Cosmo Bar from 8 pm to midnight and later stayed up until 2:00 am for continued Evening partying! Back

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