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Dear Josephite,
The fifth edition of the Kerala OBA Connect was held on 24th of May 2014 at the Coconut Lagoon, Kumarakom.

3. A G Krishnaswamy
5. Akshay Gandhi
7. Rahul T
9. K T Sebastian
11. J. Kapadia
2. Kiran Katishettar
4. Suryanaraynan K
6. Sashi K Lewis
8. M K Marattukalam
10. Noble Thomas
12. Abdul (Widdi)
GOA 13. Michael Rozalla 14. Fulgence Rodrigues MUMBAI 15. Kshitij K Mehta DUBAI 16. Ajay Peter COORG 17. C C Thimaya KERALA 18. T J Karimpanal Kerala
20. K T Thomas
22. K K Sebastian
24. K V Kurian
26. K S Thomas
28. K E Eapen
30. P A Abraham Tharakan
32. P K Shameem
34. Sudhir Thomas
36. J George Pottenkulam
38. Abraham Pottamkulam
19. K T Abraham
21. K K Thomas
23. K V Sebastian
25. K C Thomas
27. Tommy Chacko
29. V J Abraham
31. P G Hormese Tharakan
33. Lala Kurian
35. Mathew Scaria
37. K T Nicholas

The meeting was called to order by singing the school song with Josephite Rahul on the key board.

Chaired by the Kerala Chapter President Mr. T J Karimpanal, the meeting commenced by conveying our condolences to Josephites K. C. Jose and K C Thomas who lost their brother K C James (1968 Batch ) on the 7th of September 2013.

Condolences were also offered to the family and friends of Mr. Babu Khan (1959 batch), Rev Fr. Furtado and Mr. Alec Alwares who passed away recently.

A minutes silence was observed as a mark of respect to the departed souls.

A message from OBA President Mr. Gopal Bengeri who was unable to attend owing to health reasons was read out by OBA Vice President Mr. Rajeev Shenoy.

Mr. K T Sebastian, requested the OBA team to amend the school records to include information on house captains whose names are missing and stated that most of them were from the Kerala Chapter. He also agreed to compile the details and submit the same to Bangalore OBA.

Dr. K E Eapen also recalled few of the names of the Captains from the missing records.

Our President Mr. Karimpanal handed over a cheque for Rs.1, 00, 000 to Mr. Rajeev Shenoy as a contribution to the OBA Fund from members of the Kerala Chapter.

The meeting concluded with special thanks to the Josephites from Bangalore, Coorg, Goa, Bombay and to Ajay Peter who came down from Dubai only to attend our meet and of course to our better halves and children.

This was followed by the school song once again and continued with fellowship and dinner.

In Faith and Toil

Thommen Karimpanal
President OBA
Kerala Chapter.

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