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'SJBHS OBA CONNECT - Goa 2014' was held on August 2 and 3 at the Chalston Beach Resort, Calangute. The event was attended by over 30 Old Boys and their families from different parts of the country.

The programme for the evening of the 2nd commenced with Registration and was followed up with live music and dinner. As Old Boys and families took to the dance floor, Rahul Tadimalla (Toddy - 1997) took charge of the keyboard and led the band.

The Annual General Meeting of the Goa Chapter was held on the morning of the 3rd where Michael Rozalla (1956) was elected the President of the chapter and Fulgence Rodrigues (1955) its Vice President. Lloyd Macedo (1974) and Hubert Saldanha (1977) were elected the Secretary and Treasurer respectively and Amod Borkar (1975), Oscar D'Souza (1968) and A. Nazareth (1964) were elected Members of the Managing Committee of the chapter.

The AGM was followed by singing of the school song, again led by Toddy on the keyboard. Lloyd Macedo thanked all the Old Boys for being at the event and handed over to Michael Rozalla to address the gathering. Michael briefly touched upon the activities of the Goa chapter over the past year. Gopal Bengeri (1976), President of the OBA, was then called upon to share his thoughts. Gopal elaborated on the activities undertaken by the Managing Committee of the OBA and invited all to attend the OBA Day at Bangalore. He thanked Lloyd and all members of the Goa chapter for all of their efforts in conducting the very well arranged event.

Lloyd then took a moment to remember the Old Boys of St. Joseph's College, as SJBHS was then known, who were drafted in World War I. He exclaimed that 2014 marks the centenary of the war, at the start of which in 1914, the call went out for young men of the Empire to fight for King & Country. He mentioned that of all the educational institutions in India at the time, St. Joseph’s ranked first in terms of the number of her alumni that responded and that no school in India had sent so many soldiers to fight for the British Empire than did St. Joseph’s. He went on to note that by the time the war had ended four years later, at least 369 Josephites including 94 officers had seen battle in the land, sea and air of which at least 28 had laid down their lives.

Thus concluded the formal proceedings of the afternoon. Karibu Tanzania - "Spring Brok", African Dancers from Dar-es-Salaam, took centre-stage and enthralled all with their spellbinding acrobatics. With a Goan band in attendance, the afternoon rolled on with Old Boys from across batches reminiscing about the days spent at SJBHS. Lunch that included a delectable spread of seafood and other Goan fare was served and the event concluded with the cutting of a cake by Michael Rozalla and Gopal Bengeri to mark the fifth edition of the SJBHS OBA CONNECT at Goa. Back

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