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A Eulogy to Mr. Alec Alvarez
So here lies Mr. Alec Alvarez, suddenly quiet, all peaceful, leaving behind thousands who loved him, wondering why.

We were all looking forward to celebrating Sir Alec's hundredth Birthday later this year. Old boys and their OBA were making plans. The enthusiasm was palpable. After all he was the OBA's longest serving Secretary - for 17 years and not even an old boy! Then, like being hit with a wet sock on the back of their heads, just out of the blue, his followers were facing a different Mr. Alvarez - one who was completely resigned and not interested in living it up any longer. I am sure no Josephite was quite prepared for this sudden change in their most venerated teacher.Mr. Alvarez had lost a dear friend recently, and took it very hard.

Well, Sir, you were our dear friend as well. How do you think we feel now? Some of us are going to wonder how to keep occupied on Sunday mornings. Your students will make their visits to school, but the pilgrimage will be incomplete without being able to call on you. Come on, Sir, this is unfair and gross indiscipline! We're going to celebrate your hundredth - with or without you.

Everyone says there will never be another like you, Mr.Alvarez. I am not a praying man, Sir Alec, but today, on behalf of the Old Boys' Association which you nurtured so lovingly and of which you were an Honorary Life Member, I'm making an exception for you. I'm asking God to keep you in peace forever and am asking him to use his infinite resources and give us a replacement - another Alvi.

God Bless Your Soul, Sir.

Gopal Bengeri
Class of 1976
President (2013-14), OBA

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